Recently in PE, we have been doing a sport called “International Rules Football”. And we made a smart goal to work on while on this Unit.

My goal is to work on being a Leader and not always an follower. I think that this is important because, if you are always listening and not talking (like me) sometimes I should be a leader and lead the group by communicating. For example, I can talk more and add to the conversation with my group. Another example is when we are discussing in a large group (Teacher+Students) I can raise my hand and participate more in the Discussion and share my ideas with others.

I think this is a SMART goal because, it is Specific, because, I can remember it when we have a group discussion in class. It is Measurable and I want to be able to accomplish this goal until this Unit ends. It is Attainable, if I try hard, I think this goal will not be impossible. It is Relevent and it is Time based.