What healthy living means to me?

Recently in Science class, we are learning about Energy for life, which is our new unit. And we learned that the most important 6 stuff for our bodies are Minerals, Carbohydrate, Protien, Water, Fat. I think a healthy diet is mostly vegetables and fruits because, they have lots of minerals in them. For example, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and more. I think jogging and moving around 2 to 4 times a week is healthy because, if you move too less your body won’t burn calories and you will just get fat. But on the other side, if you exsercise too much it won’t be really good for you too.

Pig Eye Disection

Recently in Science class, we have been learning about Eyes. And finally we disected a pig eye.

When you look at an object, the light rays from the object goes through your eyes through a clear window called the cornea. Then it goes through the pupil. The light rays are focused to shape an image at the retina. The light-sensitive cells in your retina send signals to your brain. Then your brain makes the image so you can see it. But first the image is flipped so the Brain makes it correct and flips it back. The cornea helps focus light rays that allow you to see words and image clearly. The optic nerve is connected to the brain. The iris contains muscles that allow the pupil to become larger and smaller. The lens is behind the pupil and it can change shapes to focus on objects people that are nearby or at a distance.

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