Gr 7 SMART Goals

Recently, in tutor class, we have been working on our smart goals. S stands for “Specific”. M stands “Measurable”. A stands “Attainable”. R stands for”Relevant”. T stands “Time-based”. And we had to make 2 goals. One which is a Community based goal and a Academic based goal. I checked my goals with Jaemin.

My Community based goal is to be a Leader and not always a Follower. For example, when we talk in a group conversation, I listen and not speak and add to the Conversation. This involves myself, the people in my group and the teacher. I want to get better at this because, in my grade comments, some said that Vienna is a quiet student in class. So I want to try to participate more while class.  I think this goal is achievable and Relevant. I will try to be a leader and participate more from now on.

My Academic based goal is to get 7/8 or 8/8 in my French tests. This goal effects myself, my French teacher and my parents. I want to achieve this goal because, I want to get better at it and speak fluently. I want to speak french fluently because, if I meet french people I can speak to them in French and, when I vist a country that speaks french, I can communicate to them using French. I want to get these scores on at least 3 of my tests this year. This might be hard but if I learn hard every class and if I review stuff we learned before our tests, I might be able to achieve this goal. I think this goal is Relevant and Time-based.

January Goal Setting! 2014

Hello Everyone! This post will explain to you about “Janus” and my January Goal Setting. So “Janus” is a Roman God that is the god of beginnings and transitions. This means that he looks back at the past and looks to the future (I think…).

Coin of Janus

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So next is my January Goal Settings. My first goal for 2014 is to get better at Swimming. I have been doing Swimming for about Four Years, and now I am on the Back Stroke with a Turn. So I want to succeed on the Test for the Back Stroke Turn. I will want to be achieving this goal by June 2014.

My 2nd Goal is to get better at Cooking. This goal is important for me because, I want to get to make a Dinner for my Family. I want to get better at Cooking because, now I only can cook/make easy food, such as “Sand Which” and “Onigiri. I will be wanting to achieving this goal by September 2014.

My last goal is to get more faster at Running. This goal is important for me because, I was 1st at the 2012 Cross Country but in the 2013 Cross Country I was 5th. This goal is important for me because, I wan to go to the Tokyo Cross Country. To achieve this goal, I will have to practice hard and to Run a lot. I will want to achieve this goal by November 2014.