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Grade 6 At YIS we were asked to make a online portfolio page on our blog that represents our 6th grade year, and we made 3 goals in the beginning of semester 2. These were my three goals.

1. My first goal for 2014 is to get better at Swimming. I have been doing Swimming for about Four Years, and now I am on the Back Stroke with a Turn. So I want to succeed on the Test for the Back Stroke Turn. I will want to be achieving this goal by June 2014.

I think I reached my swimming goal because, on the last swimming test I got, I passed it and I was the 2nd fastest one in my class.I think my next goal for this Swimming goal is to pass more tests.

My 2nd Goal is to get better at Cooking. This goal is important for me because, I want to get to make a Dinner for my Family. I want to get better at Cooking because, now I only can cook/make easy food, such as “Sand which” and “Onigiri. I will be wanting to achieving this goal by September 2014. 3.

I think I reached my Cooking goal because, I started going to a Cooking School and I have started making Cakes and other Deserts on my own. My next goal is to get more better and try to learn and make more harder Foods.

My last goal is to get more faster at Running. This goal is important for me because, I was 1st at the 2012 Cross Country but in the 2013 Cross Country I was 5th. This goal is important for me because, I wan to go to the Tokyo Cross Country. To achieve this goal, I will have to practice hard and to Run a lot. I will want to achieve this goal by November 2014.

I think I didn’t reach this goal because, we didn’t have Cross Country or Sports Day. And I think that I have to practice more. My next goal is to get a good score in Sports day and Cross Country and to practice more.


PE: Risk Taker In Physical Education, my favourite unit was Soft Ball (T-ball). I have really enjoyed this unit so far because, I like baseball and I think I almost know all the Rules. So far it is really fun but, at first when we just started this unit I was not that good at catching. But now I really got good at catching the soft ball. My next goal is to get better at batting. I want to get better at batting because, if I am not good at batting, I can’t score scores and it won’t be any better for the Team.

Technology: Reflective In Technology, I chose my Blog, because I had a fun time making it, and now I am really proud of my blog. I thought I was Reflective because, in the Blog post I was really Reflective. But before I changed a lot of things, I wasn’t proud of my blog. At first my theme was another different theme. But I thought I want to put my own header that says “Vienna’s Blog”, so I changed the theme so you can put a header on top. And now I am proud of my blog. ↓

Screen Shot of my Blog


Semester 2

In Semester 2, we made our own Tutorial!!   Mine is about how to draw a Cute dog Fast and Easily.

English: Communicater In English I chose the Holes Presentation. I chose this projects because, it was one of our biggest English projects, and one of my favorite projects too. I thought I am a Communicater because, their were lot of partner or group projects. In this project we got in groups and looked at the movie and found where all of the scenes were. For example, we looked up what their was in the “Flash Back Scene”.

Art: Thinker In Art, I chose my Self Portrait. I chose this because, this project really helped to improve my drawing skills. I thought I am a Thinker because, I thinked a lot for what kind of shading I should do on my Self Portrait. But it was really hard for me because, I am not used to drawing my own face, I just like to draw other then Faces, and when I draw on my own, I don’t really care of the shades. But this time in Art class when we drew our Self Portraits we had to really do a good job on Shading.

Humanities: Knowledgeabal  For Humanities, I chose the Enviorment Adaptation Project. I chose this Project because, I really enjoyed this Project and it was easy to do because, we had a Partner to do this project with this. I thought I am Knowledgeabal because, In the Maldives Presentation we did lots of Researches. In this Project we chose a place where the weather and enviorment is really different to Japan. And we chose the “Maldives”. ↓This is our presentation.

Science: Principled For Science Class, I chose “How heavy is your Backpack?” Project. In this project we calculated how much our Backpack takes the percent of our Body Weight. I thought I am Principled because, I didn’t forget my homework. I chose this project because, it was one of my Favorite projects of the semester. Screen Shot of Project Graph

Japanese: Open Minded In Japanese I chose my Kanji Test. We have Kanji Tests every week every Wednesday. I always try to get a 100 out of 100. I thought I am Open Minded because, I always try to learn in different ways and try to get along with new people.

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