Grade 8

Creative Thinking 

This skill applies to 3 of my subjects. They are Design and Visual Arts. In design, we have been working on our Animation unit for about 5 months and we have finished creating our final animation and they have been uploaded to our teacher, Mr Martinez’s YouTube Channel. Theres a playlist of all the animations and you can watch them all on here. For the animation, we had to pick up one topic that hasn’t being getting much attention. Such as endangered animals that need to be saved,  Global Warming and Shelter Animals.


This skill applies to my French Language Acquisition class. In French class we have done many skits and I thought I have done well in communicating with my group through out the skit and have been thoughtful throughout out the unit and so on.

Critical Thinking 

This skill applies to my Mathematics and Science classes. In science class, for a few classes we were learning about acid rain and how they affect our lives. We make a poster talking about acid rain causes and explaining the solutions we can use. This is my poster.

Vienna 8C Acid Rain Infographic Poster


This skill applies to my Music and Physical Education classes. In Physical Education class, we were learning about hand ball and the game play we can use to affect the game. We did some analysis that we can use on the games. For the summative task, we have made a for the offense team game plan on an app on our iPads called “Coach Note”.

PE Plan PE Plan 2

Information Literacy

This skill applies to my Individuals and Societies class. In Individuals and Societies class, I have learnt many things but I picked up the important information that are relevant to my projects and I have putted them in a visually appealing format.

This is my infographic.

Gender Gap in China Vienna 8C Infographic

I have also worked well in my Religion Essay using Information Literacy.


This skill applies to my Japanese class.  In Japanese class, we have written an essay (sakubun) about poems and poets. We picked our favorite poem and poet then we researched about them and wrote why we liked the poem.This is because, the paragraphs are organized. This is my essay.



This skill applies to my Drama class. I need to improve on my transfer skills from when I plan to when I create them. This is because, in my speech, I was good at planning but when I performed it in front of the class, I got very nervous and I couldn’t remember what I am supposed to do so I stutter.