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January 23, 2014 by 20gardinak

This unit in Technology we have been learning about Tutorials.  So far we have made a tutorial about something on the computer on google presentation. I chose to do how to change your background on gmail.


The tutorial that I chose to look at was Hyun-seo’s and it was about how to make a rainbow cake. That tutorial was different than mine because it was longer and mine was really short. Sometimes that could be bad because if it is long than people get bored watching it.


Also it was different because the video was really complicated and had a lot of steps. On the other hand the presentation  that I had made was really east and didn’t have a lot of steps. I think it is important to not have a lot of steps and to make tutorial easy because if you make your tutorial long and complicated, then it will be really hard for viewers to understand.


Here is the presentation  about how to change your background on Gmail:



Here are the blogs that I looked at for their favorite tutorial:





From Sae’s tutorial I learned how to draw a peace sign hand and that drawing it was really hard. Also in the peace sing you have to draw lots of shading and detail so that makes it pretty hard.


From Anna’s tutorial I learned how to draw Flynn the character from Adventure Time. I learned that Flynn is very colorful and is pretty easy. He isn’t very detailed like the Peace sign but he had lots of lines.


From  Hyun Seos tutorial I learned how to make a rainbow cake. I learned that it is very hard and there is a lot of layers to it. Also I learned that it takes a lot of time to make a rainbow cake because it has a lot of layers and that there is a lot of ingredients into making a rainbow cake.



During the investment stage I learned different ways to make a tutorial really good. Some of the examples include strong voice, short video, and not too complicated.  I also learned that by watching other tutorials like My Favorite Tutorial and others. I can use this because if I see something good I can take note of that and try to add that in my tutorial. I think it helps you to understand how to make a good tutorial if you watch other people and see what they did good or bad.









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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    Great job Kelly! I’m glad you were able to learn so many different things about good tutorials! I can’t wait to see you apply your new learning when you create your own tutorial.

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