Spanish Reflection

The topics and vocabulary we have been researching and learning are relevant to many other classes, such as math. In order to progress in math, you must continue practicing the skills you acquired long before. The topic in spanish that we are learning right now is travel. We have to research our  country and learn the culture/history/economy when traveling there, which can relate to INS as well.

Headline: Alert! You must study in order to Pass!

During the learning experience of Spanish I was very frustrated because I am still new to the language, and in order to learn a language you must practice constantly, where as I had other subjects that I was struggling. But I realized that the study you put into spanish does not have to be long. Every morning I practice or do a little spanish homework on the bus to school, to divide my time equally for other subjects.

One thing that this unit has shown me is that I must show a constant growth within any subject that I participate in, and my effort cannot drop down and up repeatedly. Because of this, I worse at certain topics such as DOP’s and IOP’s than conjugation or vocabulary. This should also apply to other languages that I study such as my ongoing self taught mandarin.

Spanish travel client


Expedition Reflection

The reason I chose Niigata as my expedition trip was because I’ve lived in city environments my whole life, Toronto, Shanghai, and Tokyo, so I wanted to have the opportunity to see how how a highly developed country would take care of its natural surroundings. I have severe asthma, which started when I was six and moved to shanghai, one of the most polluted cities. When we told my doctor I was leaving, he told me to go outdoors as much as possible after I leave so I can increase my lung capacity and stamina; because in Shanghai playing outside was not recommended because the intake of the air could permanently damage your lungs. During the summer I ran 5k everyday, and I wanted to see whether it would’ve helped my condition. My opinion before the trip was that it wouldn’t be maintained very well for hikers and the environment as well, such as trash being thrown in the river and on the trail. During the hike I was shocked to see how well kept our surroundings were, I’m originally from Punjab and whenever I do hike in India, it is more similar to hiking in a land fill. During the hiking trip we had to navigate ourselves, select when to take breaks, and know how to pack food. I didn’t think that I would be much help for navigation, however the map was in kanji and katakana, and I was one of the few people in our group who could actually read kan-ji even though I can’t speak Japanese. The reason for this is because I can write in mandarin, so I could also read kan-ji. We had to choose when and what to eat for lunch, which would show we take care of our bodies. I felt we selected the time well, however we could’ve packed fruit on the first two days, because other than that it was just cheese and bread. After the trip I felt like my asthma was getting much better, and I think I may have gained more stamina as well, because of the constant uphill during the hike. I learned how to pack and schedule when to eat, and why it is important not to postpone meal times, or else for the rest of the day you’ll feel tired. It’s also important to take care of your health such as knowing what to eat, the right amount of time for activity, and layering at certain temperatures. I believe that Japan should help other developed countries adopt their policies and ways of keeping the natural environments clean. After this hiking trip, I would do it again, and believe that everyone should.I’ve learnt to be aware of where you put your trash and how to handle your belongings. I wouldn’t really do anything differently, except for packing less because we had to carry our luggage during the hike.

Spanish Reflection


Strong points in writing could be my knowledge in vocabulary, because I feel I’ve expanded my vocabulary very quickly in a limited time. However, my weak points would be spelling, because I never know when to put accents, and also grammar structure.


I feel reading is a lot easier than speaking, writing, or listening, because I’m good at connecting the suffixes or prefixes, and using context clues to figure out what words mean. For example fish: pescado. I knew it had something to do with fish because the word in English: pescatarian, means a person who only eats fish. My weak points in reading is that when I’m translating in my head, I mix up conjugations and don’t know how the verb is used.


Weak points in speaking are speaking quickly and fluently, and also using transition words. Whenever I need to reply in Spanish I get fuzzled and it takes me a long time to reply. I also forget how to use new vocabulary quickly, which shows I need to speak more.


I’m not very good at listening in Spanish because whenever Ms. Hill, or any audio speaks, I have to seperate each word in my mind and remind myself what it means.

Changes I will make to improve these skills are to use the practice sessions in the new packet Ms.Hill gave us, and also continue using the app duolingo to practice conversing in Spanish. My goals for the rest of the semester is to get nothing lower than a 6 for any assignment, and also divide my time carefully so I know when to turn in or do assignments. I also want to get to 8% fluent on the app duolingo.

Spanish Dating Game

Did a spanish dating game for spanish class, excuse my odd facial expressions, laughter, and grammar. Link is here:

Spanish Blog Post, School Schedule

Hola, ?Cómo estás? Me llamo Arjun Gill, hablo a tú de mi escuela horario. Todos los dias de escuela, me levanto a las seis y media. Después de levantarme, me ducho rapido, despues me ducho, me cepillo los dientes y el pelo. Luego (new word) desayuno. Después cómo desayuno , ocho y diez voy al escuela. Tomo un autobús (new word) local. Ocho y media llegar (new word) YIS, mi escuela. A las nueve de la manaña, empiezo la escuela. Todos los dias, tengo cuatro o cinco clases. Tengo diseño, arte, musica, matematicas, ciencia, español, ingles, deportes clase, historia, y clase de salud. Mis clases favorita es diseño y español, porque los dos maestros son muy divertido y cómico. Durante (new word) el almuerzo, nosotros jugamos voleibol, pero en
miércoles y lunes, tengo MUN. En jueves, tengo ultimate frisbee, lunes; tengo concerto practicas. Llegar mi casa, me ducho, como cena, hago la tarea. Tengo hora, mirar televisión. Me acuesto a once y media, noche.


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