Hong Kong Expedition – March 2018

For this year’s expedition I participated in the Hong Kong Sea Kayaking Expedition. I had a limited experience on sea kayaking prior to this expedition, therefore I decided to partake in this expedition to expand my kayaking skills and step outside of my comfort zone. During the trip, there were both memorable and challenging experiences. […]

Mise En Train

Which rooms of the Lepic house does Pamela see? – Living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, entrance What would Pamela like to do? – Visit the cathedral Why don’t the girls visit the cathedral? – Because Pamela fell asleep Qui… Trouve la maison sympa? – Pamela Montre la maison à Pamela? – Sandra Aimerait bien visiter […]

How Does Memory Work

Definitions: neurotransmitters A chemical that is released from a nerve cell, which transmits an impulse from a nerve cell to another nerve, muscle, organ, or other tissue. It is a messenger of neurologic information from one cell to another. potentiation the strengthening of nerve impulses along pathways which have been previously used, either short-term or […]

Nature vs Nurture

The debate of nature vs nurture in psychology determines whether a person’s development comes naturally from DNA, or if they are influenced from experience and environment. Nature This side describes what developments people have that is influenced by biological factors and genetic inheritance. The most common example of nature includes a person’s physical appearance (e.g. hair […]