Our session with the kindergarteners

Our session with our kindergarten buddies on 3/9 was a very enjoyable experience for us, the ninth graders, and hopefully our kindergarten buddies. Our buddies showed excellent risk-taking skills as they approached us, and played with us after a matter of seconds. Kodai, my buddy was a great example of this as he took the leadership role, and directed me through the session with confidence to a complete stranger like me. I understand that small kids could be shy especially to big people like us, but Kodai took the risk and decided to talk to me as if we had known each other for a long time.

He was also proved himself to be very caring as he guided me throughout the session and on the course explained things to me, such as what to do and how to do it all with care and respect. He was very polite the whole time, but also seemed like he was having fun as he jumped up and down when he beat me at a board game.

He was also a very talented communicator. He spoke Japanese and seemed as though he was only starting to talk English. Although I can speak Japanese as well, he positively spoke in English and seemed as though he was willing to learn. He tried to talk and communicate to me using pictures in books, and signs as a helper. I was able to understand most of what he wanted to say without him actually speaking out loud to me.

Overall, I think I was able to also improve as a communicator since I had to somehow communicate messages to him which he may not understand in English. I too used symbols and pictures to assist me in this session, and felt as though we were able to connect with each other regardless of language barriers, or any language at all.

I&S Memory


  • Consolidate -> Making something stronger, and solid
  • Synaptic connections -> A structure within your brain that neurons use to communicate with each other by sending signals.
  • Neurotransmitter -> A chemical in the brain which makes the transmission of signals send between neurons possible.
  • LTP (Long Term Potentiation) -> Recalling a memory repeatedly, so that the path way the neurons take in order to bring up the memory is consolidated, and makes it easier to recall memories.
  • Reconfigure -> rearrange and put things together, one more time.

Memories are created, when neurons travel through the synaptic connections using neurotransmitters and send signals to each other, and in a sense, communicate. When more neurotransmitters are present when the signals are sent, the signals are sen’t stronger, and memory is created stronger, and makes it easier to remember that memory. However, when there are less neurotransmitters present at the time, because you aren’t paying attention, the memory is sent with a weaker signal, and makes it harder for you to recall it, and remember it. to make your memory stronger, you need to do this repeatedly, to consolidate your synaptic connection. This is called LTP. For example, if you meet somebody for the first time, they tell you their name, and maybe you forget it at first. This is because you aren’t focusing 100% and there are less neurotransmitters present, and the memory is weak. However, if you meet that person many times after that, and call them by their name, the synaptic connection gets stronger, and it turns into a stronger memory which is easy to recall.

Reflecting on our expedition to phuket

Our trip to Phuket included many rich activities leading us to learn so many things. A very big thing I that we all learnt was about how fortunate our lives are and that we can do things to make other lives better, as the fortunate ones. I was very amazed by the amount of donations that we all brought. waiThere were so many, and when the children saw them, we can tell how happy they were to have these things that we take for granted. Just looking at the houses on some of the streets, we can tell that they are not properly built, and did not look like a safe environment for children to grew up in. And because a house is a pwaolace we always went, and had, we never really took the time to appreciate the fact that we do have this place.

On our trip to Phuket, some things happened that we did not expect. In these scenes, we were forced to work together and some how manage to get through it. A strong example of this is when we explored the rain forest. Since that day it was raining, we were forced to go on a secondary route, and because a tree was blocking our secondary route, we were forced to take a tertiary route. And that route that we took, was so tough that with out the help of our guides and teammates, I honestly think that I would have just turned back and gave up. But we were successful in helping each other out,  in the rainforest, and every single one of us was able to come out of the rainforest safe. This exploration of the forest gave us many challenges that we had to overcome. We had to be aware of the living creatures in the environment, and take care in our actions. For example, the area of the rainforest that we were exploring, was an area where gibbons were released after being rehabilitated in the gibbon sanctuary close by.

Overall there were many things we all learnt from this trip, and we are sure we will take forth this experience in our lives.

Nature VS Nurture

The debate of nature VS nurture, is about whether your behavior is decided by your nature, which is your genes, and nurture, which is your environment. For example, professor Melissa Hines of Cambridge University, conducted a study, regarding the behavior of toddlers. More specifically, about the correlation between the gender of the infant, and what kind of toy he/she will play with. The majority of the population would think that this fact was decided by the nurture, meaning what toys their parents hand them. Professor Hines was curious if the fact that boys would play with helicopters and trucks, and that girls would play with dolls would be true for infants who do not have a parent forcing this fact onto them. To experiment this, professor Hines left dolls randomly on the floor in an area with monkeys. And to our surprise, the male baby monkeys were more attracted to boy toys, and females were more attracted to girl toys. This shows that behavior could be decided by nature.

On the other hand, the Louisville twins study states otherwise. They state that humans have genetic full potentials. And in order to reach it, humans need nurture. For example, if a person’s genetic full potential height is 190cm, it does not mean that the person is guaranteed to be 190cm tall. The person needs to eat the right food, do the correct physical activities, etc (Nurture) to reach the genetic full potential. To test this, the Louisville twins study conducted an experiment where they measure the growth in height, IQ, and all sorts of factors of twins throughout their life. This is because twins are the closest to having the exact same genetics or nature, and the fact that some twins don’t exactly have the same height proves that the difference in how you grow, is determined by nurture.

My opinion on this, is that both nature and nurture is valid in how you are created. BBC documentaries wonders which of nature and nurture is the reason for the black people being successful in track events. The nature side of this, is that most black athletes’ ancestors could be traced back to West Africa where many black people were forced to being slaves. And being slaves forced survival of the fittest upon the slaves, filtering the black people, leaving only the fittest and strongest of them which supposedly shaped the perfect bodies for track events. However the nurture side is simply the amount of practice. It be just that the black athletes just practice more, and harder than athletes of the other race.

Earth and beyond science criteria D


-some thing that comes from out of earth or its atmosphere


-a hot spring where water boils, sending a tall shoot of water and steam into the air.


-able to dissolve other substances.

Focus of the article

The main focus on this article is about whether extraterrestrial life exists. The article discusses this topic using Europa, a moon of jupiter as an example. Europa has 20 kilometers of an ice layer, and because gravity from Jupiter stretches and compress Europa like a rubber band in you hand keeping the layer inside of the ice, a huge layer of water. Scientists believe that with a solvent like water, it completes the formula of creating life on a planet. Later in the article, they explain how the funding will not be wildly expensive, and that it lies on the white house to make the commitment to proceed in this mission.

The science in this article

Jupiter, and it’s moon Europa, is so far from the sun, that even though Europa has a bigger ocean than Earth, it should be frozen. However, because it is orbiting around a huge planet, Jupiter, the gravity from Jupiter stretches and compresses Europa, like a ball in your palms. And that causes an ocean preserved by internal heat, under a layer of ice. And because Europa has geysers shooting water into space. And the water shoots up 4 times the height of mount Everest. And if humans are able to collect a sample of the water being flung out into space, they can investigate if the components necessary for life is present in the waters of Europa.

How this science will effect us

This science in this article would affect the world culturally because, people’s belief would change drastically if extraterrestrial life forms were proven to be present. People who disbelieved in extraterrestrial life would surely change their mind, for it will be solid fact if humans do find life on Europa. The patterns in thinking would change because if extraterrestrial life is found, it would mean that man’s technology has gone so far, that we are able to find life somewhere 623.8 million km away. It will also affect the world ethically because there has been debates over whether extraterrestrial life exists. And if it is proven, it will end this debate and people will finally settle for an answer.  And this surely will change people’s pattern in knowledge, because people’s thoughts on the ability of men’s technology surely would change and improve in a good way, for we are able to feel how far we men have came with technology.

Is this science beneficial or harmful

This science definetly is beneficial to the world because even if man does not succeed in discovering extraterrestrial life, there are so many more places in the galaxy worth searching for life. And if we do, find life on Europa, it would finally end the long argument between people who believe, and do not believe in extraterrestrial life. Man will finally have an answer to the question we all have once asked ourselves. “Are we alone in this galaxy?” This will also be beneficial to the researches on earth, because if there is life on a planet so far from the sun, they must be so different from life here on earth, leading to new understandings to life forms. And this is why Extraterrestrial life is so important for science on earth.


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History of comedy

Link to my time line



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Music reflection

June 2nd is our performance where we are performing Hedwig’s theme from harry potter. I play the drums for this performance and the having the experience of performing as one big group, helped me improve as a drummer.

My first challenge I faced when preparing for a performance, was when I had to read sheet music for drums. Knowing that I learn better by watching people learn, reading sheet music without help was a challenge. I figured that by going slow, it would help me understand what each of the symbols meant, thus helping me play the piece. And since the drum part was mostly repetition, it made it easy for me to understand the music once I have seen it before.

The second challenge I faced was the rhythm. I usually play quick beat songs on the drums, making it hard for me to keep my rhythm at a steady calm pace. So when I was playing the drums, I really had to listen to the speed of the other instruments in order to make the drums fit. This is important for the performance, especially because it is the drums, because many instruments rely on the drums for the pace. And when if the drum’s pace isn’t right, it can really mess up the performance.

The third and final challenge I faced was the arrangement of the song. Because I wanted to make the drum part more interesting, I challenged myself to create a drum part that goes well with the song. My goal was to make a drum part which does not destroy the mysterious mood of this song, to keep it calm, and to make it interesting. I tried out different techniques of drums such as a triple hit, and decided to use the ride instead of the high hat. This created an mysterious mood which was exceeding my goal because I was able to add on to the mood. I think the improvements to my part really helped me improve as a musician and helped me prepare for the concert.

Overall my steps for learning

  1. Go through it slowly
  2. Listen carefully to other instruments
  3. go through and make changes

I can improve my performance by

  1. Thoroughly look over my practices, to see if I make any errors on one specific part, then practice just that part to perfection so that when I play that part, I feel comfortable and confident.
  2. Keep aware of other instruments, because drums are a very loud instrument, and if you do not play it keeping in mind the other instruments, the performance will not sound like a whole.

Unit 4 reflection spanish

I understand now that spanish has many ways to conjugate verbs. I use to think that spanish only had the present, preterite, and future, and one rule for all. But in reality there are many more ways to conjugate such as commands, subjunctive, and imperative and all of the types to conjugate has irregulars. I also now understand that the irregulars of each tenses have a connection to each other, for example, many of irregulars for the tú affirmative command irregulars, are the yo-go verbs which are irregular in the present yo form. It took time for me to realize this, but I can use this to help me remember the irregulars for the tenses. Lastly, I understand now that I should look for patterns in ways to conjugate verbs. There are unique rules to conjugate all verbs, but if you look closely, there is a connection between them. For example, the conjugation for the commands basically end in the same way you conjugate the present tense (although for commands you have to first change to yo present form then conjugate) but just the -ar and er/ir way to conjugate swapped around (Except tú form you don’t swap around and you drop the s).

The way ms. Hill taught me to study was to study everyday a little bit since at least a month away from the test, and not study the night before the test. This way worked well for my long term memory, but it also makes me feel unprepared for the test and nervous. That is why I decided to combine ms. Hill’s way and mine. My way is to use flash cards to memorize unit vocabulary on the way on the bus, so that the vocabulary is in my short term memory for the test, and I have the things I studied from ms. Hill’s method in my long term memory.

My goal for next unit, is to first master what I have learned this unit. This is because I feel as I am still not comfortable fluently using the things from this semester.

Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

In spanish class this year, I learnt so many things that were completely new to me. The biggest thing that I learnt this year that was new, was how to conjugate in the preterite tense. Although I am still improving, I feel strong with it, and I think I can take it on with me through out this year. I also learnt how to use direct and indirect pronouns. I am glad we learnt this because mentioning twice always sounds unprofessional, and I think it is better to be able to use pronouns. The last thing I learnt that Ill mention now is vocabulary. My vocabulary has expanded so much, and knowing this much vocabulary allowed me to have more complicated sentences using more complicated words.

Over the unit, I found out about how to study. I have been successful using online resources to quiz me for conjugations, and vocabulary. I also think that learning in my room away from the living room is a good way to study. Since I have other members of my family in the living room upstairs.

This unit overall went well for me. I was able to expand my vocabulary, I got to practice material from last unit I was unsure about, and I was introduced to new useful things like pronouns. Class discussions almost always answered my questions making it easy for me to understand questions on my homework, and I was able to do it.

My goal for next unit is to master what I learnt in this unit before I move on so that I can use it well, and correctly without ant errors. In order to achieve this goal, I need to study a bit of unit 3 things over the break so that I don’t have to study the things from the next unit, and this unit together.


  • What is the best way to study for a test?(this is not the night before the test)
  • What exactly are sentence structures?



In this unit we composed a song

We used a chord progression which contains 4 chords. Ours was in the key of C and the chords were C, F, G and Am. We overcame many challenges on the chores of creating this song. In the beginning, we created a introduction. However, that did not work out so well for we had trouble creating a follow up. And then we created a whole new song, and then we put the intro from the beginning toward the end.

I also found it very challenging to make the melody to fit the chord to make it sound nice. However, I soon found that starting on the same note as the bass of the chord makes it easier to match the chord and the melody.

Making the song was very enjoyable. We were able to express of creativity, and have fun at the same time. However, we had to change many things for there was very little time where our whole team was here. But overall I think we made a cool song and we were successful.