My tech tutorial

Remember I was talking about making my own tutorial!? IT’S DONE!!!

So now that my tutorials done guess whats coming next…… YOU GUESSED IT! A REFLECTION!!!

So I think I have done a reflection on my tutorial but that was our plan part. Now we finished our create part! So this is a reflection on my create part of the tutorial project. (Also my whole grade finished this unit and I commented on some of them so I will give you links to those as well!


Did I tell you guys about the class criteria my class made? (just in case here is the link) Well does it connect to my tutorial? (answer on the comment box if you like!) I think it does. I tried putting in as many things from the criteria into my tutorial. Like one of them is making my tutorial simple. Do you think my tutorial is not too complicated?(comment and tell me!) another one is the length. The minimum length is 1:50seconds. My tutorial is 1:51seconds so its nice and short! I think its good to make it short because if its too long people would get bored of it right!?


Now what extended my work AKA(also known as) What pushed you to make it better? Remember I said earlier in the post that I commented on others tutorials?? Well when I looked at them I thought about if the problems they had also applies to me as well. For example when I looked at This persons blog (here and here are some other blogs I commented on) I realized his tutorial had ken-burns on his pictures. Then I realized “Oh wait I have to fix that as well “and fixed it! And I really liked how he put his humor such as “In this tutorial you need a ball, A pair of legs, and space.” But by the time I thought about it was on youtube so…………


Now what is challenging me (again you can tell me in the comment box) I think what was challenging me was the music. But I was lucky because I found out that voice overs on I movie makes it duck music, And when we were making a trailer (check it out here)in drama class the teacher taught us how to duck music using garage band. (if you want to know just tell me in the comment box then I will tell you) Another challenge was choosing the music. First I was thinking of creative commons music but I ended up making my own on a program called Beatlab.(download it here)

Well thats it for todays post! hope you enjoyed it but before you go back to the top of this awesome post and look at my fabulous tutorial one more time lets review what we talked about. We talked about the class criteria (comment what was good) The extend part (check out my friends blogs. Rei, Quirjin, and Shea.) And lastly talked about my challenges(Again comment on some suggestions.) Well that was it thanks for reading!!

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  1. 20kitamurar

    Hey, nice tutorial!
    I really like your drawing, its very creative and funny! Also I like your voice recording and how you changed you voice for each character. Your script is simple and easy to understand.
    I learned that bigs eyes makes it look like a cartoon character and also big head makes it look cartoony.
    I think the hand was a bit in the way, so maybe next time you should be careful with the camera angle.

  2. 20debeaufortb

    I think your tutorial was awesome!
    I liked that you made it funny with the pictures.
    I liked that you support the people on the beginning
    And I also liked how simple you made it!
    I learned that Drawing a cartoonicly Is easy
    I also learned that it is very fun!
    I think you could maybe make your tutorial a little longer.

  3. Shaolun

    I think it’s cool how you created your own music using beat lab. Also it’s good you made it step by step. I think the fast forwards editing was good as well.

    I learnt drawing cartoon people normally is big heads and small bodies.
    Also you should be creative while doing it.

    I think you did a pretty good job except I think you should say step one step two….. rather than tips.

  4. 20morik

    I loved your tutorial a lot.

    I liked the music. I liked it when it was step by step. This made the tutorial easy to understand. I like the tip part as well.

    I learned that anyone even a beginner can draw cartoon. I also learned that having big eyes, big head and small body make a drawing look really cartoony.

    I loved this tutorial. Although the letters that were written on you hand was pretty distracting me.

  5. 20ishiir

    Hi william I learned that when you draw those cartoon characters , you have big heads and small bodies, I don’t usually draw like that so I learned how to do that.

    I liked how you drew those example kind of things on doozla.

    I think you might of could’ve put voice overs on the drawing because you didn’t really say how to draw the big heads and eyes.

  6. Quirijn

    I liked the video you made

    the things I think was good you did well drawing upside down. I liked the drawing you made you had fun pictures.
    I learned it is very easy to make a cartoon
    you said good it is very easy

    you could do better on the beginning do not make a scary voice and you could step by step

  7. tsuyoshi

    Your tutorial was awesome!
    I thought that you did good on putting the tip so that the audience could understand. I also liked how you fast forwarded some parts because it takes too long and it is boring for the audience. The last thing I thought was good was when you changed the tone of your voice to make it more dramatic!;) The thing that I learned in this tutorial is to make the body small and the head big so that it is funny. I thought you could of used voice over on the place where you were drawing to explain more detailedly how to make the big head or how to make the eye.

  8. Kim Cofino

    Great job William! It’s great to see how watching other tutorials inspired you to improve things on yours (at least before you uploaded to YouTube) 🙂 It’s also great to see how you solved those challenges for yourself. Well done!

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