In this unit we composed a song

We used a chord progression which contains 4 chords. Ours was in the key of C and the chords were C, F, G and Am. We overcame many challenges on the chores of creating this song. In the beginning, we created a introduction. However, that did not work out so well for we had trouble creating a follow up. And then we created a whole new song, and then we put the intro from the beginning toward the end.

I also found it very challenging to make the melody to fit the chord to make it sound nice. However, I soon found that starting on the same note as the bass of the chord makes it easier to match the chord and the melody.

Making the song was very enjoyable. We were able to express of creativity, and have fun at the same time. However, we had to change many things for there was very little time where our whole team was here. But overall I think we made a cool song and we were successful.

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