Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

In spanish class this year, I learnt so many things that were completely new to me. The biggest thing that I learnt this year that was new, was how to conjugate in the preterite tense. Although I am still improving, I feel strong with it, and I think I can take it on with me through out this year. I also learnt how to use direct and indirect pronouns. I am glad we learnt this because mentioning twice always sounds unprofessional, and I think it is better to be able to use pronouns. The last thing I learnt that Ill mention now is vocabulary. My vocabulary has expanded so much, and knowing this much vocabulary allowed me to have more complicated sentences using more complicated words.

Over the unit, I found out about how to study. I have been successful using online resources to quiz me for conjugations, and vocabulary. I also think that learning in my room away from the living room is a good way to study. Since I have other members of my family in the living room upstairs.

This unit overall went well for me. I was able to expand my vocabulary, I got to practice material from last unit I was unsure about, and I was introduced to new useful things like pronouns. Class discussions almost always answered my questions making it easy for me to understand questions on my homework, and I was able to do it.

My goal for next unit is to master what I learnt in this unit before I move on so that I can use it well, and correctly without ant errors. In order to achieve this goal, I need to study a bit of unit 3 things over the break so that I don’t have to study the things from the next unit, and this unit together.


  • What is the best way to study for a test?(this is not the night before the test)
  • What exactly are sentence structures?


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