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Why do we tell myths?

I think a myth is something which explains something. And I think something which explains something is a myth. (I just repeated it. oops!) We are also investigating why we tell myths……

I think we tell myths because we want to explain something. For example the myth of odin and how the earth was made. (Its the story were odin and his brothers Ve and Villi made the first human with ash and a tree bark and kill their farther to form planet earth.) Before scientific explanations all they did was ask the wisest person and they would tell something like “Well a guy in the sky plays dodgeball and each time one person hits it turns to day and so on………

So basically a myth is something which explains something that is my definition! I think that is what will come up on the internet…(pretending to search it up) Well anyways that is what I think why we tell myths.

my odin myth 4-slide myth retelling here.

field studies story number3

This is another story about us being thinkers

That day was the very first day of camp when we went to do the orienteering. there were all sorts of challenges like having to untie nots without letting go of the rope and campus training and  all sorts of stuff. then we went on the orienteering hike. we were suppose to find numbers and answer questions like what is the highest mountain in Hakuba. (answer is mt. shiro-uma) and name three lakes in hakuba. ( I forgot the answer!) and questions like that. (we had to use campuses on the hike.) and that is when we were thinkers

field studies story number2

this is a story about when we were risk-takers

We were at that time on a hike we went up and up and up and up all the way to the place where we ate curry they also gave us these sticks and said go on try it. most of us weren’t sure what it was. they said it was tofu but it looked nothing like tofu it was brown like tempura and it was a stick. We tried it ( This is where we were a risk taker! trying new things!) and discovered it was super delicious! Then we tried another thing which was the chi-tea. No one tried it at first but when one person tried it and said “hmmmm….. IT TASTES AWESOME!” Everyone started drinking it. and that is my second story.

Field studies story number1……..

This probably is the thing i remember the MOST! It was on the camp fire DUN DUN DUUUUN! The camp fire started with Jaja (a evergreen staff) running in with a stick with fire like the olympics!  He put the fire on to the pile of wood but the fire didn’t go on but suddenly the wood burst out in to fire! ok ok that was kind of over reacting but it did suddenly go on. 🙂 lol. I remember it because 1. we got hot chocolate. 2. it was nice and warm and 3. it felt like I was really in nature. Ok now comes the student profile part. I think we were kind of being inquires and thinkers. We had riddles from people and some of them were really tough. for example : a man came into a bar and asked for a cup of water. then the bartender pulled out a gun and pointed at the customer. then there was silence and both of them started laughing!

Answer. The customer had hiccups!

author visit!!! (Adam gidwitz )

Yesterday we had an awesomely amazing author visit by Adam Gidwitz. Yes HE is the Adam Gidwitz who wrote A Tale Dark And Grimm, In A Glass Grimmly and the Grimm Conclusion. (I know I spelt Grimm with 2 ms well thats just how it its because the original is from the grimm bros.) Oh yeah the grimm conclusion is the newest book which is NOT in the stores yet. (AWESOME!) He told us a story from the grimm conclusion called the juniper tree. I wont tell you because it will spoil the book. (I will just tell you this. Its REALLY creepy!!)

after we wrote a story with Adam Gidwitz, he told us suspence was the BEST!! So I followed his advice and made a super creepy story about people living in the dump and people disappearing and showing up dead.