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An introduction of measurement or something similar

Our unit question is how do we calculate measurement. Our area of interaction is Environments. I am not a 100% sure but on my math teachers blog it says we can use measurement in different environments. So I guess its right!

We are asked to make 3 types of questions a conceptual debatable  and a Factual question

DEBATABLE-Do we need to know measurement(leave a good comment if you think we don’t!)

CONCEPTUAL-How do we measure things.

Factual-What is a area.

I am suppose to choose 3 units of measurements I chose

temperature (c•) Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.19.51 AM

time写真 3-1

and centimetersPhoto on 2-28-14 at 11.17 AM

There was a secret agent spying there was 2 in one 1 in one and 2 on the other can you find them all?

measuring shtuff

Today in math we were measuring stuff. Well here is what we did

Smokey- his head was 47 centimeters.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.58.33 AM


Baby smokey was- 73 centimeters

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.03.38 PM


Our schools logo was 80 centimeters

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.06.36 PM

“My Reflection of Semester 1 Math” or something similar

Before I start here is the thing. If you have a math assignment coming up read “F is for effort “here is a quick preview

now lets get on to the reflection.

In semester one maths we learnt lots of things. One of the main things we learnt was fractions. As you know if you are a fan of  my blog I wrote another blog post on math and what was it about? YES!! Its was about fractions! Why because I was learning about them!!  One of the activities that we did apart from the blog post which you probably already know about was a thing called the teaching tool box

In this activity we chose a topic about fractions(Adding subtracting Fractions, Times and divide of fractions and basic fractions.) (I chose basic fractions.) And I think that was fun! Another activity which was fun was a activity we did with cutting and making fractions(The person who had the most interesting tittle got a omiyage!! I came 3rd 🙁  )

I think I enjoyed the teaching tool box the most I think I enjoyed it the most because every student/teacher had a different style of teaching and I really liked that we can experience lots of different types. I think the part I really didn’t like is the text book works. I didn’t really like it mostly because it was just not so interesting.

I think the piece of work which i am most proud of is the paper with the strips of paper that we cut and made fractions with which got 3rd place. I don’t have it now but I am proud of it because I drew lots of nice things and made it look pretty hoping it would get first and it turned to be my work that I am most proud of

I think in next semester I want to improve more on long division. I think that because when I did it a few weeks ago I got really stuck on some of the question so I want to improve on it. I want to achieve it by not just doing it in class but also working on it at home.

(also check out this blogs reflection)

An introduction to ……fractions

Fractions yes fractions…It’s very  fun!…

 So I am going to explain what a fraction is.

The number on the top is the NUMERATOR. The number on the bottom is the DENOMINATOR. So that means a fraction is a Numerator over a denominator. So in this case it is a half because 1 is a whole and there is 2 pieces so it’s..……A HALF!

here is another example (a very easy peasy one)

Santa had a pair of drum sticks.

How many drums sticks are these? Can you make it into a fraction?………Yes its a half! Your getting good 😀

Ok now this is an wrong example of a fraction.

That small puddle of stuff is NOT  a third. Why? Because it’s not even of chores! It’s only a fraction if all the pieces are all evenly sized.

Ok now lets have an even HARDER fraction.(Dun dun duuuun!)

Lets say I have a lot of stickers. When I mean by a lot I mean 50 of them. (Yes I have 50 stickers for some strange reason.)                                                                                                 Ok so I have 2 tickers I like and 48 stickers I don’t care about. the fraction is 2/50. We simplify it so its 1/25th Ok so thats simplifying HARD! (not)

Well that was my intro to fractions! Yeah you got to the very end of the post! Now you know what a fraction is. I hope.