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My tech tutorial

Remember I was talking about making my own tutorial!? IT’S DONE!!!

So now that my tutorials done guess whats coming next…… YOU GUESSED IT! A REFLECTION!!!

So I think I have done a reflection on my tutorial but that was our plan part. Now we finished our create part! So this is a reflection on my create part of the tutorial project. (Also my whole grade finished this unit and I commented on some of them so I will give you links to those as well!


Did I tell you guys about the class criteria my class made? (just in case here is the link) Well does it connect to my tutorial? (answer on the comment box if you like!) I think it does. I tried putting in as many things from the criteria into my tutorial. Like one of them is making my tutorial simple. Do you think my tutorial is not too complicated?(comment and tell me!) another one is the length. The minimum length is 1:50seconds. My tutorial is 1:51seconds so its nice and short! I think its good to make it short because if its too long people would get bored of it right!?


Now what extended my work AKA(also known as) What pushed you to make it better? Remember I said earlier in the post that I commented on others tutorials?? Well when I looked at them I thought about if the problems they had also applies to me as well. For example when I looked at This persons blog (here and here are some other blogs I commented on) I realized his tutorial had ken-burns on his pictures. Then I realized “Oh wait I have to fix that as well “and fixed it! And I really liked how he put his humor such as “In this tutorial you need a ball, A pair of legs, and space.” But by the time I thought about it was on youtube so…………


Now what is challenging me (again you can tell me in the comment box) I think what was challenging me was the music. But I was lucky because I found out that voice overs on I movie makes it duck music, And when we were making a trailer (check it out here)in drama class the teacher taught us how to duck music using garage band. (if you want to know just tell me in the comment box then I will tell you) Another challenge was choosing the music. First I was thinking of creative commons music but I ended up making my own on a program called Beatlab.(download it here)

Well thats it for todays post! hope you enjoyed it but before you go back to the top of this awesome post and look at my fabulous tutorial one more time lets review what we talked about. We talked about the class criteria (comment what was good) The extend part (check out my friends blogs. Rei, Quirjin, and Shea.) And lastly talked about my challenges(Again comment on some suggestions.) Well that was it thanks for reading!!

(Also complete this survey)

Plan reflection(tutorial version)

I know I have been doing a lot of reflections and this is probably not my first plan reflection but this is my plan reflection tutorial version.…… So now on with my blog post.

3 criteria! 

You know we have been doing stuff with tutorials right!? and you know we are making our own!?Well we made a class criteria on what you need to do. I think I will do well on the confidence part because I think I am usually confident in the new project and have a clear voice. I am usually confident with the things which are going to be public so I think I will do even better!

Wait clear voice is my next criteria I think I will meet oh well. On the clear voice section I think I will do good on it because I usually have a clear voice when I do voice over and there is no problems with it! I also think I will do good on that because I usually don’t mess up my words and I am pretty good at those kind of things

The third criteria which I think I will meet is the music section. On the music section I think I will be good because I am making my own music(on beat lab) And I wont copy any other music. I also will not have any problems with that also!!

Is my tutorial good!?

I think what makes a good tutorial is clearly pretty obvious. I think my tutorial will become a good tutorial because I planned it all out and I am ready to go! I think if I do good on the voice over section (When I mean good voice over I mean clear voice) Then it would be a pretty good tutorial. When I compare it with a good tutorial story bored then I think it would be OK! But I also might need to edit my tittles and writing.

What do I need to learn!?

I think I need to learn about the picture in picture skill because I was curious about the picture in picture so I want to learn about that more! I also want to learn how to do some stop motion too I am planing to do some stop motion so I should learn more about it. (I will check some tutorials!) I would also want to learn more about I-movie! We are going to a lot of i-movie for our tutorial. I think I know a lot about I-movie but I want to learn more!

So in the end I realize we did so much things this unit. When I look over the whole unit we did like 3 projects things just in 3-4 lessons!! This unit is really fun I am so excited about what my tutorial is going to look like! see you on my next post!


human flipbook reflection

In tech we did a human flip book AKA stop motion………

I made one of my own with my friends and I uploaded to youtube so here is the link.

We first took a lot of pictures and put them into I movie. Then if you make all of the photos some thing like 0.1 seconds it will turn into a stop motion video!

It was hard thinking of the Idea but in the end I made a stop motion video!

What makes a great teacher!?

Because we are making tutorials and teaching people we thought of a question WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEACHER!!!!????? well I have learnt some skills from the tutorials i have seen.(Well I know they were all about how to draw pigs but I mean the techniques) Some of the techniques I saw was screen recording digitally drawing. Others were camera on the paper and showing them drawing.

I think being a good teacher requires these things

Not boring

Teaches you something

and explains clearly

For not boring well of chores! If you are a boring teacher then all your students would be bored and your video wouldn’t get too many likes. For teaches you something, c’mon if you are a teacher which doesn’t teaches you anything how are you a teacher even before your a good teacher! for explains clearly thats a skill. If a teacher just mumbles how can we hear? and if we can’t hear anything you can’t learn from it.

There is a thing called the AREAS OF INTERACTION (dun dun duuun) You have probably heard of it if you are in a MYP school but the AOI is the area concepts of our learning I think this unit fits into the Approaches to learning area because we are learning how to make a good tutorial and the people who see it would also fit into that area!

tutorial reflection

So I made a practice tutorial video on how to draw a zombie on doozla.

Compared with my video and my fav tutorial video. First they are both videos. Second I am constantly showing me drawing while Im speaking. I also tried to make it short. I think both of them are simple as well. I tried to make it simple and I think it worked. My video is underneath so be sure to check it out!




In this unit I learned lots of things about tutorials. Like tips to make good tutorials and how to make a good tutorial. Some of the tips are like to make it simple and to take time on making it.  (although we only had 30 minutes to make the practice tutorial!)I tried to use the things that I learned and I think I did it successfully on making it simple and making it quick. I think I can use it on my real tutorial as well!

This is my tutorial research. It has all the tutorials links and stuff which I thought I was good and the stuff I thought could be improved. I commented on other peoples favorite tutorial so here is the link Ryu’s and Brazils. and mine is here

From these blog posts I learnt how to do diablo and how to throw a curve ball. In brazils one which was the one with the diablo I learnt how to do a lot of tricks in diablo although I am not sure if I can do it I can do it because I haven’t tried it but it makes me want to try it. it was really cool the tricks they taught me. I tried the ryu’s tutorial curve ball and its awesome!  It means I did it perfectly.

What I learned for the investigation is that the tutorial is a big part of the things I learned this unit. For example keeping the tutorial simple easy and easy to understand. The investigation helped me make my tutorial so once I get my feed back I think I will make a better tutorial.

My FAVORITE tutuorial

In tech class we are going to make a tutorial. and we made a tutorial research. (If you want to look at it its here) I would choose this tutorial because She made it quick. this is good because people could get bored of your video if its too long. And you want people to look at your video. And if people don’t look at your video than whats the point of it being public?

I also like it because She was speaking as she was showing the drawing constantly. This is good because they can see the drawing as an example I think When I make my tutorial I would do this too. I think then it would be a cool tutorial.


My favorite tutorial here

create reflection!

Ok now that we have done the investigation reflection and the plan reflection………Yup you guessed it! It’s the create reflection! Yeah! So what I did for the create part is that you know I drew my dream blog? Well I kind of made another one and I made it kind of look like it. I mean a lot like it! I still haven’t brought it into class but yeah I drew another one! I will bring it into class and I will scan it and put it into the next post.

I am very happy with my theme at the moment because I may not have that much widgets but it is still super awesome. The reason why I like this theme is because the background that I wanted to put this one underneath when I put it on it was so hard to read the post! But this theme there is a white thing which let’s you read very easily. Another reason I like it is because some theme’s widget’s cut into the text and cover’s it which is super annoying but this widget doesn’t have that so that is a good thing. The last reason is simply because it is awesome!

The thing that I am most proud of on my blog is the (drum roll) My header image. It might not look like much but I am super duper proud of it. The reason is because that was the first photo shop picture I made. I learnt how to use photo shop from my technology teacher Ms. Cofino and I used it straight away. I use to think that photo shop was the hardest thing in the world! But it turns out its not that hard. I made it in like 15 minutes but its still a master piece.

Overall I am super happy about my blog. It is my true master piece. I wonder if I will have this blog through out the whole middle school? Maybe in 8th grade I will be like “uh my blog is so kiddish I wanna change in now :(|.” But at the moment I think my blog is truly awesome



Plan reflection

Now we that we finished the investigation and I finished the investigation reflection. We have moved on to PLAN! In plan we set goals for what you can do now what you can do soon and what it’s going to look like at the end . I remember when I first created this blog it looked like a ordinary white blank typical page. But now look at my blog. It looks pretty cool!

Ok about my blog. I just wanted to talk now about my theme from my dream blog which is all the way down. My dream blogs theme allows me to put widgets on both sides. And I thought …..! The only one which can do that is ANUBIS!! Yes I know what your thinking HEY! THIS THEME YOU HAVE ISN’T ANUBIS! Yes I will change that soon……Hopefully! Ok so I think this theme will let me represent me because since I can put widgets and images on both sides I can express my self better.

Ok now I want to talk about is there anything else I want to do to my blog. Now I am going to speak about it here now but really feel free to comment to tell me! Ok so I feel like I’m pretty good on my blog. But the thing is I really like my blog but it doesn’t look a thing like my dream blog illustration. So maybe this is my dream blog after all. ….! I just thought of something! Maybe I should combine the illustration and my blog now! Yeah I literally just thought of that right now! I mean seriously. Ok I will draw that soon with that mixture of my blog now and my dream blog.


Ok so now you made it to the end of this post. (Congrats!) And now I just want to wrap this up. I just want to wrap it up by saying “I WILL CHANGE MY BLOG INTO THE MOST AWESOME BLOG YOU HAVE EVER EEN!” Yes I really will I want loads of view by the end of the year. It should look super awesome.

investigation reflection

Ok before we start with my investigation reflection I would like to introduce you to what a investigation reflection is. an investigation reflection is… well first i will tell you about the design cycle. The design cycle goes investigate plan design evaluate. we are on investigate. this is a reflection about investigation. Now I think I will start my reflection. we have been given questions so i will answer them too.

I thought “How will your blog represent you, your passions and interests, and your learning at YIS?” and I thought that I will make my blog represent me by putting in my passion in to posts and customize. I will customize so that It is comfortable and nice looking for me. I will make it include my passions and interests by also customizing them and including them in posts. I imagine when i finish my blog it will look awesome! I will also present my work at YIS by explaining what it is what it relates with my unit and put pictures of my work.

I thought hmmmm what is the most important criteria for your blog. I  think it is able to navigate easily. I think that because if you cant navigate stuff on your blog easily people are going to have a hard time looking for posts they are interested about and that means they might not read your blog. I think the whole aim of making a blog is so that people can read your blog and if you don’t have categories your blog is going to get messy.

Now I thought I will choose three criteria and talk about it in this post The three criteria are simple widgets and background. First simple Ok so I will try to keep my blog simple by not making my blog too crazy by adding lots of widgets and keeping backgrounds simple. I will add cool widgets to make my blog active and cool and also fun. I think that will attract readers.  I think it will also make my blog interesting. Background would be the whole image of the blog (My opinion) so I think it should be cool and awesome but bot making words hard to read.

So now we are moving to the next thing plan.(I don’t know) I think we have learnt a lot of things like how to add widgets and how to change themes and its been a super awesome class. I really like tech class and I enjoy it thats the whole point right? to enjoy class!