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Responding to “We are not eaten by yaks.” by C. Alexander London


We are not eaten by yaks is a book about the Navel twins who travel the world to find their mother. They fight poison witches, yetis, and an psychic yak!

I just read the part where the navels jump out of a plane. The author described that part like this:”it felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the children’s lungs by a cruel vacuum cleaner.” When I read this part it reminded me of when I rode a crazy roller coaster in England(Alton Towers) called Oblivion. This roller coaster was a literal free fall. I was right in the front row. When I was started to fall, I literally could not breath. It was really as if all the air had been sucked out of my lungs by a cruel vacuum cleaner.

When I was reading where they went to a party full of weird people(crazy explorers)It reminded me of an doctor who episode where Dr. Who time slips to day of the end of the earth. Dr. Who rides a space ship to see the earth burn. On the space ship there is a lot of strange creatures!

In the beginning, the author describes how the kids are very lazy and watch TV all day. I imagined kids in the year 2114 and all I could imagine was kids lying on the couch watching a high technology 3D TV

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.23.38 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.23.38 PM

The eyeball

The other day, we did an eyeball dissection. It was pretty gross but it was super awesome! This is a picture of an eyeball labeled

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.27.32 PM

I also drew a diagram which would help you understand how the eyeball works.Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.35.40 PM

(The giant ball is an eye and the pink gum thing is the brain.) So whats happening when your seeing stuff is that the human skin is reflecting light. The light travels into the eye, refracts(bends light) inside the vitreous body to the retina. But the image in the retina is upside down. This is because the lens(not on the grid(sorry :p)) which is located in the eye, makes you see upside down(This is definitely true because when we dissected the eye, we took out the lens and looked through it. it was upside down!)then when the upside down image is in the retina, it goes through the optic nerve, into the brain. Then the brain flipps the image over!

Jingle bells

In music class we have been working on playing the piano. The song that we are doing right now is jingle bells. I took a video of me playing jingle bells with my friend Jan(me playing melody, Jan playing chords) so here it is(Yes I know I am a total beginner at the piano so don’t judge me even if I make a couple of mistakes)

Here is the link for the melody

Here is the link for chords

Here is the link for the dual

And here is the music notes

Photo on 10-14-14 at 10.48 AM

i-pad Good and bad

Guess what I got an i-pad mini!(Yeah!)

In science we have been learning about where the electronic waist goes. so we decided to come up with an opinion on wether we keep the i-pads to our selves or to let other grades to have i-pads or even take it away from us. Now the bad side of the i-pad is where the electronic waste goes. E-waist goes to Ghana and other african countries. In Ghana guess what happens to the e-waist. Guess guess! have you guessed? Ok the answer is they burn it. Then kids go to the place where they are burning it and they try to find cables so that they can get the copper from it. Then they sell it. its there job. And remember the smoke coming out of the burning e-waist is poisonous. So it means that its a very dangerous job……

Now the good side of the i-pads is that they help us in our school life a lot. We can use our i-pads for a lot of things. Like taking notes, calculator, video taping, and using foto babble. Now I know that the e-waist goes to Ghana BUT not all of the companies send it to Ghana and other african countries. Plus, once you actually have an i-pad or an i-phone, It’s hard to let go of it. I mean I don’t want to let go of my i-pad!

So in conclusion, I think it’s a good idea but I think we should keep it to just middle school. I think that it would be fine to have I-pads if we give it to the right company to recycle it. I don’t think the elementary kids should have it because if we give it to the younger kids they wouldn’t be able to handle it(Not responsible enough) but if we give it to older kids they Would be more responsible with it.

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♫Music melody!♫

Ok in music we are earning stuff about MELODY. So in class we learnt quite a lot of things so I will list the words then define them for you

1. Interval- Interval means the distance between the two notes. So if I do dooooooo(I said it really low) And daaaaaaa(I said that  really high) Its the distance between those.

2. Staccato- This means to play short. And I think it literally means to play short in italuan…(I said I think!) so its like da not daaaaaaaaaaaa

3. Lagato- Lagato means to play long. so its the opposite of staccato. And I think it literally means to play long in italian…so its daaaaaaa  not da

4. range- so range is kind of like interval except its not the distance between any two notes, Its the distance between the lowest note to the highest note!

5. Melody- Yes I know I was explaining words about melody and you guys might not even know what melody is! So melody is basically the main part of the song. So sing happy birthday…You sang happy birthday to you blah blah