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Jingle bells

In music class we have been working on playing the piano. The song that we are doing right now is jingle bells. I took a video of me playing jingle bells with my friend Jan(me playing melody, Jan playing chords) so here it is(Yes I know I am a total beginner at the piano so don’t judge me even if I make a couple of mistakes)

Here is the link for the melody

Here is the link for chords

Here is the link for the dual

And here is the music notes

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♫Music melody!♫

Ok in music we are earning stuff about MELODY. So in class we learnt quite a lot of things so I will list the words then define them for you

1. Interval- Interval means the distance between the two notes. So if I do dooooooo(I said it really low) And daaaaaaa(I said that  really high) Its the distance between those.

2. Staccato- This means to play short. And I think it literally means to play short in italuan…(I said I think!) so its like da not daaaaaaaaaaaa

3. Lagato- Lagato means to play long. so its the opposite of staccato. And I think it literally means to play long in italian…so its daaaaaaa  not da

4. range- so range is kind of like interval except its not the distance between any two notes, Its the distance between the lowest note to the highest note!

5. Melody- Yes I know I was explaining words about melody and you guys might not even know what melody is! So melody is basically the main part of the song. So sing happy birthday…You sang happy birthday to you blah blah