It’s a me William (NOT MARIO)

Hello universe(or world I don’t care) Im WILLIAM! I am in 6th grade at the moment and Im enjoying it! I was born in England (and has super thin memories of me when I was small and in England.) Right now i am in Japan and going to a awesome school called YIS(Yokohama international school)


One of my hobbies is to run. I was in the cross country team but in the race against my grade….I came 5th 🙁 I was so into running that last year on the exhibition about our passion I talked about running I mostly told about Usain Bolt  Who is a famous sprinter. (I won’t talk about him now because if you don’t know about him that means….YOU MISSED MY EXHIBITION!!)

Another thing I like to do is listen to music. My favorite song is we are young by fun:. I just like to go on youtube and find songs. another song is monster cat music. it could be a mixture of dubstep and some thing else. like dubstep and jazz example this one.


Another thing I like to do well play is the drums. I first thought I want to do drums is when I saw the blue men group playing the drums. They are mostly known for their performance but I liked their drumming as well.

Well I hoped you learned at least something about me and be sure to enjoy my blog and also I have a youtube channel so check that out it’s Boobabooboo. Thank you for reading!

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