Show case portfolio

Show Case Portfolio 2016

Communication Skills 

I believe I have been a successful communicator through my projects. I used varieties of media to show my understanding. For example: speech, video, presentation, essay, song, etc. I have always tried my best to select the best possible way of communicating for different types of information.

-Acid rain poster (Science)

-Invasion Plan (P.E.)


I believe I was successful at collaborating with others to create something I couldn’t have on my own. Me and my group would combine our strengths to create something great. I believe I am a great teammate for I try and accept all possible ideas for I know that if we combine all of our ideas it will turn out great.

Creative song (Music)

Conversation of a travel agent and tourist (Spanish)

Information Literacy  

I believe I was successful with information literacy I had many projects that required understanding of what was on the Internet. It also required me to evaluate sources to judge if they were trustable or not. This was a challenge for me for many websites said things that other websites disagreed with. And I had to choose the most reliable one out of them.

Hindu art on the west essay (I&S)

War speech (Japanese)

Creative thinking

I believe I was successful at Creative thinking. I used my creativity to create something that is unique and is appealing. My creativity was particularly required in subjects to do with art. In those subjects, I tried my best to create something unique and appealing through inspiration from others.

– My cup design (Art)

My animation (Design)

Elevator scene (Drama)


I hope that I can improve my organization skills for some of my work does not use space so great, and my notebooks can be very messy. This could be a problem for if I can not read my notes, it is hard for me to study using them. So I hope to improve this area.

-Notebook (Math)

Creature writing (English)