Showcase portfolio

So we are doing this thing called showcase portfolio. This is a thing where we show what we have done last semester. We choose 4 from the learner profiles that we are good at and one to improve. I chose risk taker, Caring, knowledgeable and communicator. and inquirer to improve. This is what we did……


-Tech tutorial reflection

In this tutorial reflection I was reflective by reflecting on what I did on that unit. I was reflecting hard trying to remember what I did and I made this tutorial reflection. I did quite a few reflections but I think this is one that I reflected the most. I think being reflective would help a lot on my other reflections.

my tutorial reflection here!



-spanish- La actividades

I think I was a risk-taker on this activity sheet because it was one which was quite hard and challenging and I took a risk by thinking what the answer is even it might not be right. But when I checked later I was right! I think this skill on being a risk-taker is important because if you don’t take risks you don’t know if your right or wrong!

sorry its only a photo for this one! well here is the link



-Drama – slogan speech 

I think I was a communicator in this because I was trying to communicate a story about the slogan “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I think I was an communicator in this one particularly because I used hand signals and emotion in my speech to communicate what I was trying to tell. I think this skill on being a communicator is important because If you are not a communicator how can you communicate!?

The video is on my drama teachers blog here!

drama society.jpg


-Japanese – Yanase Takashi first draft. I think I was knowledgeable in this draft because I used al my knowledge on him plus what I found out on the internet. I also asked people what they knew about him to add it on to my knowledge and what I found on the  internet.                             I think this skill on being knowledgeable is important because you need to be knowledgeable on like essays. you can’t just write every thing from the internet! And being knowledgeable will also definitely help on tests!

sorry its only a photo for this one! well here is the link



I think if I will be a better inquire that would be better for school. I think that because the skill of being inquisitive could improve my skills and that would help for my school life because it will make me think harder and think further into the subject.

Inquiring Minds | TVO

My goals are

to think harder on questions

to try to become better at being inquisitive

to stay focused in class no matter what!

The goal me and my parents made was improve hand writing by the end of this year!!!

I think its a S.M.A.R.T. Goal because……

Specific-I say the basic idea

measurable- I say until the end of this year

Achievable- I can probably do it

reachable- I can do this!

timely- There is a deadline

my mind mup —>Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.16.03 PM

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