Spanish Unit 4 Reflection | Spanish

I learned about health in spanish and vocabulary relating to peoples daily routine and health vocabulary. I also learned about conjugating words (verbs) into command words (aff and neg) and using them. I think this unit, learning vocabulary went well for me. I tried to study for round 10-20 min everyday to ensure I am revising. I also searched up things I did not understand which I think helped me more. I think that the study habits that helped me the most were taking notes in class, revising for 10-20 min everyday and searching up on how to do things I did not know how to do. My goals for next unit are to get better grades, reviewing my notes more and trying to remember vocabulary faster.

English Unit 3 Reflection : Perspective and Prejudice | English

Unit Question: How does perspective change our understanding of the world?

I used to think that the answer to the question above was “It changes our perspective by only letting us see a piece of the whole picture.” Now I think “Perspective makes is see things in a different way to others. Our perspectives normally benefit ourselves and not others. It makes us see others as bad or good too. I use to think only from my point of view when writing about something, now I think from multiple points of view to deepen my understanding of a topic. Looking at things from another perspective also helps me develop my thinking skills.”

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The activities that helped me develop this is when we wrote the essay on the outsiders because I was able to get a chance to see the story from 2 different POV.

Comedy Timeline | Drama

Our current unit in drama is comedy. We were given homework to write about comedy throughout history. I hope this can show people how comedy has changed over the years.

Ancient greek

Greek comedy is very influential and has shaped our modern comedy. It goes back to the 6th century BCE and even though we do not know the exact details about where the origins of Greek comedy plays came from we have an indication that this is from pottery from the same time period. A lot of these designs have men who appear to be imitating horses along with other animals and creatures, Some of the most famous playwrights of the time.

May 26, 2016

Many of their jokes are like our jokes which were making fun of politicians,philosophers and other artist. They also gave a indiret look into the Ancient Greek society like religion at the time. Although Aristophanes most importsnt Old Comedy, although he wrote 40 pieces of comedy rountien only 11 of the have been are to survie to this period.

Medieval Comedies

During the middle ages, kings and noblemen would hire jesters to help make them entertained. If their employer was unhappy or sick it was their duty to make them happy. Also they were used during meals to help with their lord’s digestion. Jesters wore multicolored coats, tight breeches which one leg would have a different color from the other and their heads would be shaved.

May 26, 2016

Their head would be cover is cloth which looked like a monk’s crowl and it reached their chest. Although all of these drew a lot of attentin the fool’s hat drew the moth attention because there were jingles (bells) attached to the three points. They would also sometimes hold a mock scepter (also known as a bauble) and they were allowed to make fun of lords, ladies and nobles of the court as long as they were not causing any offense. They were like our clowns in their ages,

Renaissance Comedy

During the renaissance age, commedia dell’arte was a popular form of comedy which was developed during the 16th-18th century in Italy. It had improvised dialogue and consisted of masked characters. The “masks” (aka characters) of the commedia were unique and original. The most important of the masks were Zanni and servant types like Arlecchino and the famous Harlequin. He was a childish and witty and he wore a catlike mask and carried a bat or wooden sword which is the ancestor of slapstick.

May 26, 2016

William Shakespeare was also a renaissance man which ment that he was good at many things as one woudl expect from a renaissance man. His work is considered one of the greatest of all time because he pokes a lot at human weaknesses and insecurities. Despite this they normally have happy endings but there was always a lot of death. One of his most famous works is “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” which we happen to be learning about in english class.

Melodramatic Comedy

When you think of a comedy in black and white, you may be thinking of a melodramatic comedy, From the late 18th century to the early 19th century Melodramatic Comedy was very popular. Melodrama is a comedy where the the characters or plot are extremely over exaggerated.

May 26, 2016

Many sterotypical characters were used, for example a rich lady who is portrayed as a posh person who thinks well as them selves. This type of comedy takes people and gives them a big twist and to exaggerate the story even more there will normally be background music which adds tension to the scene. Melodrama has three main plot points, something that makes the antagonist do something bad, something that wills the protagonist to save the people and finally the last part where the antagonist gets punished,

Circus Comics

There are mainly 4 types of clowns. The first one being the auguste clown who is the most comedic out of the clowns and is a very open character who is funny and comdeic.

Circus Comics

4 Main Types of Clowns (Image 1, 2, 3, 4)
4 Main Types of Clowns
(Image 1, 2, 3, 4)

There are four main types of clowns. The Whiteface clown is pleasant looking and is mainly artistic in his performance and has good manners. He often is in charge of any situation and bosses the other clowns. His face is painted completely white, and his facial features are painted in black and red. The features can look neat or freakish. They are the only type in which uses sequins, rhinestones, or other flashy material on his suit. The Auguste clown is the most comedic out of all the clowns since his actions are broader, wilder and quite a troublemaker using slapsticks to get away from pranks. The makeup is a variation of pink, red and tan while his features are exaggerated. They’re dressed in well-fitted grabs or costumes that don’t fit. The Tramp is the low man on the totem pole, that cleans up after the other clowns. The face is painted with either pink or tan flesh colors. The makeup includes a beard and white highlights around the eyes and mouth. The costume is often dark colored suits with many patches. The Character clown portrays a specific character or occupation. The makeup can be any of the three other clowns’ and it should compliment the specific character being portrayed.

Cinematic Comedy

This type of comedy is seen in a lot of places like tv, plays, movies and much more. It is a big part of comedy and relies on physical actions, looks and expressions to make the audience laugh. If they do not exaggerate then the story wont be very good and it wont tell it properly. In group works it gives the “mocking” feeling because normally there are at least 1 silly character making fun of everybody. Charlie Chaplin is one of silent film comedians and was very successful and his audiences were hooked to his work. Chaplin taught the film and comedy the importance of expressions and exggerations.

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Koto Hiyaku Reflection | Music

Something effective about my preparation was reading the music score on the train ride then trying to play the music without looking. It helped because when we played it on the concert I manage to play without forgetting what to play. Next time I think that I will try to play for a shorter time everyday instead of playing for a long time twice a week so that I can remember the scores more easily. My overall impression of the class performance is good because I think that despite stopping once or twice it was not very noticeable and we managed to pick back up from where we stopped. I don’t think that I met my own expectation because while we played I relied on koto 2 sometimes so when we stopped I was a bit lost. Next time I will try to remember my part better so that I won’t have to use musical ques from the other parts.

Koto Focus Area | Koto

Focus area 1

I would like to focus on the whole of page 2 because I have not completly remebered all of the patterns yet and I think to help me remember this page I should play along with koto 2 to help me remember the musical cues when playing. This will help me because there will be many repeating patterns on that paticular page.


Focus area 2

I would like to focus on page 4 lines 2 and  3 because those lines are the trickiest lines for koto 1. I think that to help me practice these lines I should try to play it slowly then gradually add speed to help me get my finger placement and fluency right.

Focus area 3

I want to get better at page 6 lines 1 and 2 beause even thought I can ply them I stuggle with fluency and transitioning into the lines because I always forget to play the 1 or the 9 and 13. I can get better at this part by repeatedly practicing this pattern so that I remember to musical cues and where I am and what I have to do.

3 Things I am Proud of | Spanish

In spanish we learnt a lot of things this year but there are three things that I am very proud of in particular.

1. I am proud of the vocab I have been able to learn and remember this year because I learnt lots of new words that I did not know how to say before. I learnt lots of vocab from our current unit “travel” because I had never really focused on the aspect of travel when learning spanish.

2. I have become more able to speak fluently when talking in spanish because last year I was not able to really say things fluently because while I was saying one sentance I would have to think before hand and it was very hard, but this year I tried to focus on speaking spanish better so now I can speak without having to plan ahead.

3. I have improved on my conjugating with verbs because I used to have lot of difficulty when conjugating but now I find it quite easy because when I study conjugation I try to study patterns when I conjugate verbs to make it easier for me when I talk and write.

PTS Conference Reflection | Spanish

This week we had PTS conferences, this is my reflection for it.

In spanish some of my strengths is improvisation because in our dating game video I did quite well even though we could not prepare I think I did well on it. One thing I think I could improve on is using new advejectives verbs and using new vocab in general. One way I could help myself get better at using new vocab is to write it down and make sentances out of it.

I am studying spanish by making sentances because I find writing harder than speaking. I use the online textbook and ocasionally use Quizlet to help me learn more spanish outside class.

One way Miss. Hill could help me is that if I dont get something I should as here to explaine it to me.

¿Cómo prefieres viajar? | Spanish

Cuando yo ir un escuela, mi viaje es muy larga. Por que yo vivo en Tōkyo y mi escuela es in Yokohama. Asi me gusta viajo de el tren, es rapido y conveniente. Si tomo el coche me toma una hora, pero si tomo el tren me tomo una cuarent minutos. Tomo yo pie yo quiero muy cansado.

Para trayectos cortos me gusta pie o montar en bicicleta. Por que si tomo yo montar en bicicleta o pie es  bueno para el medio ambiente, pero tomo viaje es mas diez minutos yo montar en el coche. Pero me gusta montar en bicicleta mas pie or montar en la coche porque, es muy divertido y no es aburrido y cuando montar en bicicleta se puede sentir el viento en tu cabello. Por supuesto , dependiendo del clima se determinará cómo viajo pero lo que el tiempo me encanta viajar con mis amigos y mochila.

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