During the last two weeks there have only been positives for me. I have been able to meet new friends and so far, I have had fun in all of my classes. The only low point for me so far has been Getting used to the ten day systemI have started to learn about CSR in InS and how to make a story in english. I am still having trouble learning about those topics but i am confident that I will progress quickly. I am still unsure about how I will cope with the new ten day schedule. I plan to handle homework by checking veracross more often and doing my homework first before procrastinating.

Music reflection

I practiced in between other homework’s to refresh my mind and when it was nearing the concert i played after i finished my homework as well. this was effective because i got to take a break from studies while doing work. i might practice more often next time because i was inconsistent with my practices. i think we were a bit all over the place during the performance and i think that while i did well overall i wasn’t as fluent at the end of section 2.

Music blog post

For me the hardest part of the song is pages 2, 4 and 5. i believe that this is the hardest because it has the most complicated patterns and sequences and it was also quite fast which made it hard to play.  the way that i get better at it is by practicing those parts a lot more than the other parts so i can remember it.

elevator scene reflection

I think that we did very well because it was very well rehearsed and we all knew what we were doing.

body- Henri was meant to have a higher status than me, but i had a very arrogant attitude surrounding my character, so i ended up being higher.we used the stereotype that the police always stick their noses into unnecessary things where Henri was suspicious about what I was doing.Elena had a very positive attitude about what she was doing and talking to a person who did not share the attitude so the attitude caused a bit of friction.Henri, being a policeman had the motivation to try and keep us under control when everything went wrong and tried to help use there. me, being a bodybuilder had a very arrogant attitude as i looked down on people with not as much muscle as me and was making sure to brag about it.Elena made her voice annoying deliberately to help the audience better understand how obnoxious she was being.Isabelle had a very tired attitude while elena had a very excited attitude. this helped the audience understand the contrast when talking to each other

My character developed from being arrogant to a wimp when put under pressure, then went back to arrogant when everything became alright again.



I don’t think that our group was collaborating very well at the start as we all wanted to do our own things, but as the deadline neared we decided we needed to work better and managed to finish it and rehearse it multiple times.

it was challenging to come up with and interesting and original plotline as we could tell that many groups had the same (general) idea as us. it was also challenging to act it out once we had finished with the plot as it was difficult to do it to everybody’s satisfaction.

I think that we could have improved on our organisation more as it was a bit all over the place at time and hard to understand what was going on. we should have also worked more on our use of space as we didn’t utilise the space very well



china and the uk 1800-2011


I compared the differences of development between china and the uk over 200 years. the indicators being:

  • Population growth
  • Infant Mortality Rate
  • GDP per capita

I noticed that as GDP went up, infant mortality went down. I believe that happened as people were more able to pay for doctors fees, vaccines and etcetera, gdp often means better healthcare so the country is able to provide more hospitals. also as population went up, infant mortality went down again as newer technology was made and started becoming more accessible. This is because as newer things get made older things drop in value and is made to be more affordable to others. GDP went up as population went up because more jobs were made. the jobs also became more higher-paying and more people were starting to earn more money. below are little clips on what i was talking about above



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les presento a olivier

Les presento a Olivier. Olivier tiene catorce años. El es de Inglaterra. Su numero de telefono es 080-3345-6983. A Olivier le gusta comer. A Olivier especialmente le gusta pizza y frutas. A Olivier tambien le gusta correr y montar en bicicleta. A Olivier no le gusta escuchar musica. A Olivier tambien no le gusta jugar al futbol. Olivier le gusta mucho mirar la television porque es entretenido.

post-field studies blog post

Best: getting to know more people and expanding on the relationships

Worst: The icebreaker day as i got to know more people but, it just wasn’t that exciting (and it was cold)

Exciting: Sharing a room with new people as i got to know people better

Scary: Sharing a room with three other men over the course of four nights

The hobbit: The activity line up as some of them I had never done before

Learn: new things about everyone


I got out of my comfort zone as I had never spent time with some of the people I was hanging out with before and That was a good because I get to know more people


A stereotype is a general assumption of a group or race: “Men are stronger than women” or “Bikers are bad people”. these assumptions are often untrue and often hurt people in many ways.

Stereotypes can be useful when Improvising a scene as it gives you a guide on how to act. It can also be useful when you are meeting someone i.e. when giving a frenchman a present you might give a nice baguette. but as many people say: you can’t judge a book by a cover, this goes for people as well. often many people go against the stereotype and may find them offensive.