Global Understanding

Twice a week I participate in the MUN (Model United Nations) activity provided by the school during lunchtimes. In MUN we choose a country to represent and have discussions on various global topics. For example, I am the delegate of Vietnam along with one other member and we have recently had discussions on the current ongoing crisis in Venezuela. We researched what the crisis in Venezuela was, and Vietnams involvement with it. We found that the Crisis in Venezuela included a hyper-inflated currency, with the current president being under fire for not being able to handle the situation adequately, leading to many people fleeing from the country. We also realised that Vietnam had no real obligations to be helping out Venezuela in this current situation and that Vietnam was also on its way to becoming a fully developed country, so my partner and I decided to inform the house that we had no intention (at this point in time) of helping out Venezuela.

This experience changed me as I learned that many countries could be going through significant turmoil, whether that be political, economic or social, and that just because I don’t see any of it on the Japanese news stations, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems going on in this world.¬† ————–