Investigation Reflection

Hello this is me reflecting on the unit so far it was pretty good with the blog up and going, this is a blog for school but Ms.Cofino didn’t say anything about not being allowed to use it for other purposes so I made more categories concerning out of school things, things you should know about me and etc so this is very cool for me. I have never had a blog and this is very exciting for me.

I struggled at first with the 3D dioramas but then I got the flow and went with it and now I am fine. I am still under things but I am trying very hard and I think my efforts are paying off. I think this first unit was a little bit of a warm up for me and ahead will probably be a great up-hill experience. I will try my best and do what I can. ( What I can do I think is in scale with everybody else ) I enjoy having this blog already and I just started! I think the start was bad but then went up the scale. Out of 10 I think so far is a 7 and three quarters, Because I still struggle a little bit. I will try hard to do a daily post because I like being active on the internet. So if you want info on me you can just keep coming everyday and know more about me everyday.

I am going to make my blog look like what I would like to mount my brain pictures on. Therefor representing me. I would like to put other things like Dog news, Things you should know about me and EXT.

I think audience,colors,writing are the most important. Because I think those three are the best combo together. You Must make it appropriate for younger viewers. It must pop at you and catch you with the color combinations.

I think I will meet these criteria by making daily posts. ( Each one better than the other and eventually it will be perfect )

Field Studies ( Hardest )

The hardest thing at camp was probably hiking up the mountain. It was very steep and rocky everywhere and that made it really hard to climb up. It was also a little muddy and that also made it hard to climb. I think I demonstrated being a Communicator by communicating the obstacles up-ahead like saying Hey their is a muddy slope up-ahead! and hey there is a very rocky road up-ahead and etc.

Fun with Friends

At camp the most fun with friends was Being able to sleep with my best friend every night. We knew what each other wanted and did it for each other. In times of trouble we defended each other and looked out for each other. We were both Caring to each other and overall It was great to have each other.

Field Studies ( Scariest )

I think the scariest thing that happened at camp was canoeing. We were in the middle of the lake and the canoe was rocking violently. I think I demonstrated being a Risk-Taker by not getting scared. The canoe was rocking because of the force of the other canoe’s oars.

Field Studies ( Favorite Activity )

My Favorite activity was hot air ballooning. It was my first time and it was very cool, It was cool to see the balloon rise into the air. I think that everybody else enjoyed it too. I think that having that experience will help me in future. I think that others in the basket with me showed being open-minded by not rocking the balloon and making me scared.