Create Reflection

Hello this is my Create reflection I will be evaluating on what I think about my blog right now. Please enjoy!


Yes I am pretty happy with how my blog looks. I still do want to add things though (like the fortune 8-ball thing).

But right now at this point I am pretty happy with how my blog looks. Of course I still want to upgrade my blog if possible.

I like my blog right now because I think or thought depending on when people are reading this so back to the point I think of 6th grade as a improvement/get ready grade so that is why I think my blog is good for now at least.


I think the thing I am most proud of for my blog is A.Having it in general. And B. My navigation. The reasons are because I am super exited to have my own blog to myself (Partially). And the reason I like my menu navigation is because it just looks cool and it is easy to maneuver with it.


Thank you for your time and reading skills. George.