Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hello in Tech we are making a tutorial I am making a tutorial about how to download Minecraft. I think that this will help people because Minecraft is a worldwide loved fandom and nobody worries about the beginners who don’t know how to even download Minecraft. Therefor nobody teaches how to download it so I will help out by teaching it. The following are three of the class criteria that I think I demonstrated.

Well I think I demonstrated

1. Step-by-step because at no point in the script do I do two steps at a time because then the viewer will probably be confused and will not learn anything. I think I can be just a little bit more thorough with timing and spacing of my words and speech.

2. Steady Camera because I am screen recording anyway. This will help because I only need a computer and my working throat and I can record it.

3. Script because I have a planned exact script above. I think this is a great thing to always do because if you do then you can be ready when filming.

I think my tutorial is good because of how precise it is I think this is something obvious but my tutorial will be pretty specific I wish to have my tutorial accurate and explanatory so that the viewer can get what to do without fIL.

For things I don’t know and things I need help with. I don’t know if the viewer will understand my explanations or not. This kind of scares me because if they don’t understand I might get hate mail.