Art Reflection

This is a portrait of the United States President Barack Obama. I had many blending problems and my brush did something weird where when I painted it was extremely watery and I could not overcome that. A strength in the portrait is that the background is perfect (in my eyes) and that Obama’s pose is also just as I wanted. A weakness is of course the watery looking face. I expressed Barack’s emotion because I think he is a very thoughtful person and my background and his pose (in the painting shows that I think). I learned you should not water your brush too much or you get this painting. If I could redo the painting I would definitely change the face.Photo on 4-23-14 at 10.18 AM

Create Reflection

Hello reader of this post this video is about how to download minecraft. I did this because I felt bad for the people who don’t know how to download Minecraft. This video of course like all videos has a few flaws but I tried quite hard so please enjoy.

I think the tutorial I made could have been much better in many ways but I think it demonstrates: No distracting background noise, No shaky camera and step-by-step because indeed I think I showed the steps one at a time.

I learned that skipping the password AND USERNAME is very important and should be censored.

I wish to know why I feel so uncomfortable when I am listening to myself on video. And why I stuttered intensely in the middle.

Tutorials I watched:

Rei’s tutorial
Ryu’s tutorial
Everest’s tutorial

Here is a form where YOU get to evaluate on this tutorial.

Lost civilization reflection

I think that a community and a system represents a civilization because civilizations are groups of people doing individual things but at the same time they all have something in common (Below is my civilization).

I am proud of the fact that it looks okay and I put a lot of thought into it and it came out sort of how I wanted it.

I learned that there must be a system in a civilization or the civilization may not work well.