On explore Québec!

Hello today in this post I will answer some questions about Québec.

Québec was founded by french explorer Samuel de Champlain in 1608. There are many historical monuments and old traditional architecture in the area. A French expression on Québec number plates is  “Je me souviens” (I remember). A extreme sport that I am interested in is  Faire du deltaplane (Hang gliding) au Mont saint Pierre (at mont saint Pierre) you can hang glide at places like Mont saint Pierre in Québec. You have a beautiful view of a mountain, the ocean, and the land below you.

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Two summer activities I am interested in are

Faire du velo (cycling) Pedal your way through lovely countryside as you admire rushing rivers, mountains, rolling hills, and the majestic and omnipresent St. Lawrence River.



Faire du la natation (Swimming) When the sun comes out and the weather gets hot, what could be better than a nice dip? Beaches, swimming areas and spray parks—find an oasis to better enjoy the warmer climes!

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Two Fall activities I am interested in are


Faire du la randonnée (hiking)

An incredible natural site! Explore a vertiginous canyon carved into the rock by the powerful Sainte-Anne Falls (higher than Niagara Falls). Cross three suspension bridges, one of which is among the highest in Québec, hanging some 60 m (197’) above the gorge! As you wander through the site, you will see the giant’s cauldrons, the mini-canyon and rainbows glistening over the falls. Play the Stone family’s games. Thrill-seekers can try the two giant zip lines or the three via ferrata routes. Footpaths are safe and easy to follow by seniors. Winner of top Attractions Canada honours. The perfect place to spend time outdoors!

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la cueillette des fruits (fruit picking)

Apple picking is a cherished fall tradition in Québec, and the area boasts many orchards surrounded by breathtaking landscapes—great for taking colorful family photos!

September and October are the perfect months for picking different varieties of fresh apples and enjoying processed products like apple juice, apple butter and jelly, apple pastries, cider, and ice cider.

Two events I don’t want to miss are

The Fête de Vol Libre (The festival of free flight): many pilots come from around the world and fly for fun.

Christmas in Québec: I think Christmas in Québec would be very nice as the roads are heavily decorated and beautiful.

Two winter activities I like are

motoneige (snowmobiling)

From Portneuf to the west, to Côte-de-Beaupré and Île d’Orléans to the east, snow abounds throughout the Québec City area. Discover spectacular winterscapes along the region’s 1,500 kilometers of unforgettable trails.

And, wherever you may be, you’re never far from the comforts of civilization! Stroll the streets of historic Old Québec, hit Grande Allée’s famed nightspots, catch a show, or join in the Québec Winter Carnival fun… There’s plenty to do to make your stay a memorable one.

After a day of snowmobiling, let yourself be pampered by our region’s proverbial hospitality, enjoy refined cuisine, and get a wonderful night’s sleep! And for a truly unforgettable experience, why not try a stay at the Ice Hotel, the only one of it’s kind in North America.

Winter in Québec City is more than a season. It’s a place where nature turns into a vast playground and the snow helps bring dreams to life.

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 glissement de la neige (snow sliding)

In the Québec area, we’ve been sliding for a long time! Did you know that, in the middle of the 19th century, people used to toboggan on the hills on the Plains of Abraham? Since then, sliding has become one of the region’s most popular winter activities. Companies that specialize in this activity offer a variety of services and ways to go sliding so you can get the most out of this family outing.

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Two events I don’t want to miss are


The Fête de Vol Libre (The festival of free flight): many pilots come from around the world and fly for fun.

Christmas in Québec: I think Christmas in Québec would be very nice as the roads are heavily decorated and beautiful.

the name of the mascot of the Carnaval de Québec is Bonhomme Carnaval.

Two spring activities I like are

cabane à sucre (sugar shack)

Staying true to tradition is our watchword. Enjoy a typical Québécois meal on the land cleared by our forefathers. Traditional menu served by courteous personnel. An outing the entire family will enjoy. Sample maple taffy cooled on snow all year long. Entertainment and folk music. Maple products and souvenirs for sale onsite. Can accommodate any reception or event. Open from March to October for groups. Reservations required. Seating capacity of 350.

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Pâques (Easter)

Whether Easter is a religious holiday or simply a moment to mark the arrival of spring for you, Easter weekend is a great time to discover the Québec City area.

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Thank you for listening!







George Metals in Ipads

Hello for todays blog post I am going to explain the compounds and elements that go into Ipads by the time you have finished reading you will believe that the Middle school Ipad program should be discontinued.

The three Compounds that go into Ipads that I could find are:
Glass (For the screen)
Benzene (Dangerous chemical in Ipads)
N-Hexane (Dangerous chemical in Ipads)
The three elements I found are:
Tantalum (Ta).
Ti (Sn).
Gold (Au) which I will be explaining.

Gold is mined in Congo, it is mined using they dig and then get the rubble from what they dug and pan it. It brings up many ethical issues because the miners are not getting paid for it and the government is and the government just wastes it on weapons and ammunition to ensure control. Also most people are forced into mining because of things like torture/torture towards their families and Human rights violation. I think due to this YIS should stop the Ipad program. I like that the Ipads are like the “New thing” for YIS but it just not right. Think about it your smartphone, tablet, computer in the process of them being made people were forced to work for A) No payment at all B) watching their families being violated / tortured and finally being forced to work.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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