I can improve my organisational skills by

1. Check over work.

2. Check schedule.

3. Check schedule.

4. Plan ahead.

5. Refer to TSC more often.



Eye blog post (viewer discretion is advised as images below are quite “graphic”)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.38.16 AM


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.45.09 AM


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.42.21 AM


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.40.00 AM


Description of how the eye works: When someone look at an object the light wave from it enter their eyes through a clear window called the cornea then they go through the hole in the iris called the pupil the rays are focussed by the lens to form a picture or image on the retina. The light-sensitive cells in the retina send signals to the brain the brain makes sense of the picture so that they can see the object.