Why we read

Why do you think we read (pot in comments below) do you think its for… Entertainment? For knowledge? Or maybe because of the suspense. Anyway those are my thoughts about why we read. There are two types of books: fiction (fantasy) a good example is the lord of the rings books. And non-fiction. A good example would be a true story or a autobiography. I personally prefer fiction as it is less serious and contains interesting and unpredictable content.

Going into detail about my reasons:

for entertainment: I think this is true as through a book you like if something happens in the books you may be able to relate to the characters in the books allowing for a more interesting read.

for knowledge: yes I think this is also true as from a good non-fiction book you can learn a lot of things about concepts, ideas, or new topics that you may not know about.


in my humble opinion I think that is why we read.


Thank you for reading!