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When was the last time you had a journey? I had a pretty big one when I recently moved house. Everyone has a journey at some point. In english we did a essay about a part of factual South African history, We read a fictional book about South Africa, We also watched a emotional movie about South Africa and racism from the view of Black South Africans. I will give my elaboration about what we did.

Firstly we did a factual essay about the Soweto Uprising/ Apartheid/ Nelson Mandela. So in this essay I chose Nelson Mandela as my essay topic. I learned about how he changed the world through protests and determination. I also learned about his friends, family, inspiration, and thoughts.

Next we read a book called Journey to Jo’burg. A fiction book about Naledi and Tiro. There little brother is very ill and they are forced to make way to their mothers work place 300KM from them. Along the way they learned a lot and made some friends they also saw a lot of the unfairness of Apartheid. I think it was a very well written book and it contained enough detail and real facts that at first I thought it was a non-fiction story.

Lastly we watched a emotional movie about racism Apartheid and South African facts called “The Power Of One” the main character P.K has to overcome many challenges and stand up to many sad things like his chicken being killed in front of him, The bullies torturing him, And his adult friends in prison getting tortured. In the end he overcomes it all and beats the bully and many White South African policemen. I think it is a very inspirational movie and it moral is that even though the odds are high you can overcome them together.

Through all of these forms of text and visuals I personally prefer the movie due to how inspirational it is. And although it has very very sad parts in the end they overcome it all which i my favorite bit. Although I prefer the movie the book and essay were both interesting and fun in my eyes and I wish to do a similar activity soon.





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  1. It was a well-written interesting post. One part that I was a little skeptical about is that you only talked what we did not anything other. Next time you could say something about what you learned in one of the paragraphs. You didn’t have any images or links which was a little sad. You communicated your ideas on Apartheid well though and you gave your thoughts on it as well which is very good.

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