How religion has affected me.

Well first off I will say that I don’t believe in a religion. But religion has affected my life in many ways. We celebrate christmas every year. We don’t judge people by their beliefs and their religion. My father is/was a Lutheran. In Japan it is commonplace to burn a body of a lost one and to keep the bones in a box. I have participated in this ceremony once at age 11 for my great grandmother. I did not enjoy it as I considered it as desecrating the corpse but I had to do it because I respected my great grandmother. It wasn’t good, When it happened me and most people in the room were crying. I saw the bones get laid out onto a table and I cried more. Although it is a disturbing memory in my head it gave me an idea about japanese beliefs and religion. I went to a christian school in Singapore (S.I.S) and was forcefully made to believe in christianity at the school. (At least on the premises anyway) We read a chapter of the bible everyday and other various christian activities and practices. This experience has taught me many interesting things.

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  1. From reading George’s paragraph I can see he has experience in many religion. Which is a good thing, since he knows the different perspective and what others thinks differently. I can quite relate to the Japanese Funeral ceremony that George has participated, since I also went to my grandmothers funeral. Although I don’t remember much of the ceremony since I was pretty young, I remember everyone had to wear black and the funeral was quite different from other culture. I think beliefs can unite people, since I can relate to George from what he experienced in a certain religion.

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