Minakami Trip Reflection

Team Building Activities: I think that something that was challenging was coordinating with others. Something that helped was to plan the strategy before or in between attempts. The lesson I learned was to not wait for everyone and to start it by myself.

Canyoning: I found that the challenging thing was to see many people around me act scared/complaining of how cold/how big the jumps were. What I found difficult amongst the jumps and times between the jumps is that I needed to stay calm and keep everything in check. What helped for me was to size-up/compare myself to others to try and be courageous through the experience. I learned that if you say no then the answer is always no. I can apply this lesson to physical exercises to help push myself harder to achieve things that were not achievable before.

Rafting: I found that me and my partner Everest kept bumping paddles whilst paddling the raft. Something that helped was to point out what I was going to do before I did it. A lesson I learned from this is that you should always have confirmation about something before moving on. I can use this in situations such as the current art project (ceramics) by asking for feedback/asking questions to others whilst working.


Task 2

I decided to compare America and Japan.

Firstly over the last 200 years or so the birth rates between America and Japan are quite different the difference is that at the beginning of the 200 year period Japan was at the bottom and started rising and dropping and America was near the top and just started dropping. I think that this is because as time went on American people started having less kids but in Japan it varied a lot.

Next I did the annual population growth from the 1960s to the 2010s. Again this was very different between America and Japan. In Japan the growth didn’t really rise but it moved frantically at the bottom of the charts. America on the other hand went from a high annual population growth a to a lower one nearing Japan.

I also did the infant mortality rate per 1000s starting at the 1800 and going until 2008. This I think is so far the closest between Japan and America. Both America and Japan had very frantic movements but for both of them there was a (bigger) rise and it smoothed out after that. I think this is due to better medical knowledge and understanding of mankind. Due to our knowledge on medicine and health it made for a lower and smoother infant mortality rate.

Next after that I did the GDP per capita income per person starting in the 1800s and going until 2008. Both Japan and America had extremely frantic graphs. Japan went up a lot then went drastically down. America started higher and went a lot lower like Japan.

After that I did the HDI starting in the 1980s and going to 2010. There was a big difference between America and Japan. The difference was that America went up then down and Japan went down to a smooth line finally rising ever so slightly upward. I think this is because the American people stopped drastically improving HDI whilst Japan was trying to improve their HDI and are raising the HDI currently.

I also did the fertility rate starting at the 1800s and stopping in the year 2011. The fertility rate was quite different between America and Japan as like the first thing I did (Birth rate) Japan raised and dropped a lot. Whilst America just dropped the whole time.

Lastly I did the life expectancy starting in the year 1800 and going until 2012. This chart was similar between America and Japan because both had a drastic rise and both of them started without much progress. America did start first but Japan got further than America did.