The Earth And Beyond

Humankind is an ever evolving species. Although it may seem that all we do in life is make things like Iphones and computers, every year there are always many breakthroughs in science. This is because of the humankind’s innovation and how we fear not knowing so we try to know everything. But because of this that means we must constantly create to meet the expectations of the population. One of the many mysteries we have still left unsolved is that of space. But this is one of the harder mysteries to solve as it requires a lot of speed, money, resources and time. One of the things we do with space often is sending satellites up into our atmosphere. These satellites usually stay in the atmosphere and eventually rust and get destroyed and unusable but still stay in the atmosphere effectively turning them into scrap metal floating in space which sometimes falls down to earth causing damage. There are huge economic and environmental issues that arise from these choices. It takes a lot of money to fund the research for new technology such as betterĀ satellites. It also takes a huge amount of money to send theseĀ satellites into space. Because theseĀ satellites can basically land anywhere it causes huge environmental issues by landing in remote areas and protected land. There are also cultural issues such as the chance of space junk landing on monuments and in temples. The best way to fix this problem is just to not send things into space.

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