Intercultural Communication (GCD)

I am currently a bilingual a half-Japanese and half-American. These factors have led to many differences between myself and others who are not like myself. First of all, despite living in Japan for almost my entire life (I have lived in Japan for about 15 and a half years), my English is significantly stronger than my Japanese. This has led to many limitations in how I communicate with others. Before I began to make efforts to improve my Japanese, I faced a great deal of difficulty connecting to and communicating with members of my family. This primarily affected my relationship with my grandparents negatively. There was a visible amount of stress and disappointment in both my grandparents and I when I tried to talk to them as my lackluster Japanese linguistic skills held me back. I have made efforts since then to improve my Japanese through a greater dedication to my Japanese class, viewing more Japanese media and utilizing my Japanese in more situations in public. This has led to the issue becoming diluted compared to what it once was. Although this issue is not completely solved, I plan to continue learning and practicing my Japanese so that I can communicate with people in Japanese seamlessly.