Film Study

We have started a film study unit in English. We had a discussion on: What are the effects of different film shots? We went up to the roof next to the middle school art studio and photographed some angle shots. Here are some of the photos.

Close up shot: A very good shot for a dramatic scene.

写真 1


Worm’s eye view: A shot from a low point, very good for making someone seem strong.

写真 3


Wide angle shot: A shot that captures the setting and or more than one character.

写真 4

Why do we tell myths?

Do you know the story of Medusa? Well… Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. The Story of Medusa is not a story but it is a myth. Now you may be thinking “Well whats the difference?” Well the difference is that a story is something that is true or at least semi-true. A myth is a belief or idea that is either not proven or untrue. And since the myth of Medusa is not proven (At least not yet) it is a myth.


As for why we tell myths personally I think the most likely ideas lessons and morals because well… Think about it. The myth of Medusa as a moral/lesson (Controlling jealousy). Religion because some myths are about creation myths such as myths that make things like earth or a place. Explanations because some people may use myths to fill gaps in history. Speculation which is pretty common for many things myths included. And finally for entertainment.


Now lets look at the myth of Medusa well basically its about love and betrayal so what if the creator of the myth of Medusa wanted to raise awareness about love ad betrayal so he spreads the word and nobody listens to him so he think about it and he thinks about it and he thinks about it and finally he says “Hmmm maybe I should create a myth to raise awareness about love and betrayal and everybody listens and his plan is a big success. Maybe this is what the creator of the myth of medusa was thinking.

To conclude I think that the most important reason that people tell myths is so that they can teach lessons and morals because if you think about it almost every story has some kind of problem explained and solved by the deities in the myth. And if myths are like I said before unproven or untrue then that means someone made all those myths intensionally with lessons and morals.


Thank you for reading!