Comparing Decimals

Here is a blog post for math work. Outside we measured the things we were interested in and we converted the result into square meters.

Photo on 1-22-14 at 2.23 PM

this plant is 1 meter 15 cm high and it is also 0.00115 KMs high.


Photo on 1-22-14 at 2.24 PM


The John Inge sign is 1m 5cm long it is also 0.0015 Kms long.


Photo on 1-22-14 at 2.26 PM



This water fountain is 1M 12CM high. And it is 0.00112 KMs high.


Photo on 1-22-14 at 3.09 PM



This table is 1M 10Cm high and 0.00110 KMs high.


Thank you!