Expedition Reflection

  1. What did you learn The two main concept that we had to keep mind during the Niigata expedition was self reliance and relations. These two concepts were achieved through different actives especially hiking. It was necessary to be… Continue Reading →

Humanities-Memory Vocabularies

5 Vocabularies Neurotransmitters Chemicals that allow the transmission of these signals Potentiation Long term memory Persisten Continuously do something Synaptic Connections Connection between neurons Cognitive Loss  Decrease memory and thinking abilities Our brain is like an email. The first time… Continue Reading →

Nature vs Nurture debate

Nature vs Nurture debate has been going on for decades. I learned how these factors affect our physical characteristics, physical abilities, specific behaviors and likes and dislikes. However, there is a debate regards on which factors;Nature and nurture affects our… Continue Reading →

Drama Reflection

  I think I incorporate skills and techniques learned from both of the teachers. Phillipe helped me create this unique kind of royal, ladylike and a bit bossy character. This was great, as my character contrasted all the other characters… Continue Reading →

English Unit 3 Reflection: Perspective and Prejudice

I used to think that perspective is all about stereotypes, because I had an art unit about stereotypes. I did not really understand what it means and could not grasp the main concept . However, now I know that perspective… Continue Reading →

Spanish Reflection

3 New understandings.   New conjugations. Preterit, Commands, Future, etc Better grammar such as come comidas nutritivas. I used to mix up these things. Vocabularies form the unit. How to suggest healthy life   What went well/Learning habits I learned… Continue Reading →

James Timeline of Comedy

According too Wikepedia, “comedy (from the Greek: κωμῳδία, kōmōidía) refers to any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous.” We all know what Comedy is, as we see it on T.V. shows, movies, theaters and even on social media…. Continue Reading →

James Unit 3 Reflection

    Learning style   At the beginning of last semester, I thought I was a visual learner. Because of this I would never write something or say something to learn vocabularies and grammars. But this semester, I learned that… Continue Reading →

How I Could Grow As A Public Speaker

Improving elements of speech I think I can improve my speech by stop stuttering. I stuttered at parts that are important to leave a strong impression to the audience, such as the conclusion. I have great ideas, energy and gesture,… Continue Reading →

Drama Speech

In drama class we learned important skills, techniques and strategies, to become a better speaker. We learned the structure for making the speech, how to make eye contacts so with the audience and how to use gestures and etc. After… Continue Reading →

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