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HI!!! My name is James. I was born in Japan and my mum is  from Japan and my dad is from New zealand.  I love to play soccer and that is my passion. I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and I played with my dad every day. When I got older I played for the team called Marinos and  I like the team called Chelsea and personally it’s the best team.

I play violin and to be honest I don’t play a lot but  I want to keep it up and play violin until I’m high school!!!

This is my 2 best blog websites

Soccer blog

Soccer blog

I obviously like soccer so I putted in 2 website about soccer. Those 2 blogs have so much information about soccer and I like it so much.

This is my favorite song called Monster.Music is also my passion and I listen to music every day because it  blows up my stress and it makes me feel happy.  My favorite rapper is Eminem because he rap so fast and cool.  



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