4th day

At the 4th day morning I was kind of tired when I woke up but my group woke me up and after 10 minutes I went to the Onsen and in the Onsen we did this challenge to put a cooled water into a bucket and see who can poor the most bucket and I forgot who won but it was quite fun.

After I went out of the Onsen it was break fast time and I can’t remember what we ate but I could remember it was really delicious.

After we ate I packed my daily kit so that I can get ready for the long hike and I putted in water bottle jacket incase it gets cold and some mosquito spray. Finally when I packed my daily  kit I got on the bus and sang songs and arrive to the hiking course.

We hiked and I could find a lot of dead leafs on the ground and fresh green leaves on a trees. We had 2 dogs coming with as and They were so cute.

It took us about 4 hours to get to the top of the mountain and we ate a really delicious Carry and it was delicious because we hiked for a long time.

When we finished eating I run down the mountain as fast as I can and it was really fun.

Finally when we arrived to the park we played a lot of games and my favorite was the tag of war and we did boys vs girls and it was really fun

When we finished playing we went back to the hotel and practice our skit. I was sick so I thought I couldn’t do it but I did it because I wanted to do the skit.

I think I was a risk taker because the hike was long but I didn’t say any negative things.

Finally it was the skit performing and heres or skit


Our skit was great and I really want to thank the hotel who always gave as a delicious meal and the evergreen staff that helped us with the activities.



3rd Day

At the third day our group woke up really fast so we had a chat and practice or skit. At the 4th day everyone has to do a skit that includes the word salt. It sounds easy but it was quite hard for our group to put the word salt in the skit because we wanted the story to be funny.

After we finished practicing our skit I went to theand it felt so good because I could feel my body getting really warm.

We ate break fast at 7:00AM and after that we went to the evergreen. Than we split into two groups, A and B and the A team went to the river walking and the B team went to  the Mountain biking.

I was in the A team so I went to the river walking. In the river walking we had to pick up trashes while we were walking.

we went to a ski jump stadium and saw 5 or 4 people jumping so high and fast. Than we walked for 20 minutes and arrived to the river. When we arrived to the river I felt the water and it was freezing cold.  We try to make a bridge using rock. We couldn’t finish the bridge but it was so fun.

After that we went back to evergreen camp and ate barbecue and we ate yakisoba with some meat and lettuce and it was so yummy.

After we ate a delicious meal we went  mountain biking. It was actually really hard to ride on the bike because mountain bike and normal bike is different and you can go really fast on it. I almost trip but I didn’t get hurt and the road was really bumpy.

We arrived at the river and we continued the bridge that we made when we were doing the river walk and it reached the other side of the rock so we were so happy . At the last 200m the hill was so long and it made me really tiring. In the mountain biking I was responsible because I changed my gears properly and I didn’t ride my bike too fast.


The 3rd days activity was really fun


Rock climbing and Canoeing

6th grade went to Hakuba this year by bus and I was so exited about this camp.But the bus ride was really long and it was 5 HOURS!!!!!!

When we  finally  arrive to the camp we made and our adventure started.One of my favorite activities were Rock climbing. In the rock climbing I was a risk taker because I climb all of the walls and it was really high. It was really challenging because my legs, foot and hands were shaking so much but it was awesome and fun. 

After we did the rock climbing we did canoeing. The water was freezing like we were in the ice age but when I went in the cold water I got use to it and swam a lot. For me canoeing was a little challenging for me because I only did canoeing ones but my group talled me how to move the canoe so I could do it. I really liked the game of the canoeing bench ball and our group accidentally sink the other teams canoe  so it was really funny and I enjoyed jumping of the canoe. When canoeing finished it felt so short and made me want to do more.

The 2nd day was awesome.

Tech Review Investigate Reflection

In the tech class we 6th grade did a lot of things for our blog like brainstorming,researching and talking as a class.


First we talked as a class about what is going to make our blog good and interesting for the readers to read and we had some awesome ideas.In this section I learned that It’s not good to go off topic because the reader might have the same passion for example swimming and if you suddenly talk about a different random subject than the reader wouldn’t want to read your blog.

After we talked as a class we researched a lot of peoples’ blog and wrote a lot of good thing about the blog and why it is good. My favorite 3  blog was the go Ramen blog, pigeon blog and the Motoruo blog. I liked the Ramen blog because it has so much information about the delicious Ramen and It made me really want to eat Ramen.


One more favorite blog I liked was the Motoruo blog and this blog is about a elementary kids that does a lot of things like pirate ship skits, Making dinosaur using computer graphic  and post a lot of things about books. I really liked this blog because this blog was really creative. This blog uses QR code so it looks really cool.


When we finished looking at peoples’ blog we made a brainstorm to choose what kind of subject you want to choose and I chosed Hobbies, school and Sports and from that we made 2 or 3 ideas and expand it.

In my blog I’m going to represent My self by writing about whats is happening in my passion because I really like my passion (soccer) and I’m also going to write about my school life like what happened in my class and etc. I think it is important to show your feeling inside the blog so that the reader will want to read your blog for example I won in the soccer match and I was so happy. I also want to write about a lot of subject because the person who reads my blog might have the same passion as me.

I think the most important  3 criteria is writing, balance and attractive colors. I think writing is important because if your writing something boring or crazy than, the person who reads your blog will not want to read your blog so I think people who makes the blog should write something sensible and awesome. I also think balance with your text and picture is important because if there is only text than the reader will be tired reading your text and if there is too much pictures than the reader will not have so much information. Lastly I think there should be attractive colors because it will look organized and cool. If your blog is just white and there is no colorful colors than the blog will look boring.

I will try  to use this 3 criteria by checking ever day how my blog looks like and  asking people how my blog looks like

I’m going to post more so please enjoy. Tech class is AWESOME.

Author Visit

Last week  author adam gidwitz came to YIS and we learned a lot of things about writing a interesting story but before that at the auditorium he talled as a really scary and creepy story’s.

My favorite story was about a mum who killed one of her child and the boy who died turned into a bird and kills the mum. I really liked this story because it is creepy and also scary and also I like how he talked the story because it makes me imagine the story really easily.


After he talled as story’s he teached as how to make a really interesting story and I learned a lot of valuable things like the hero(character) shouldn’t be a old grandpa or a really boring character and it should be a kid or a teenager and. One more thing I learned was that the character should have  a lot of problem so that the reader don’t get board reading your story.

I really enjoyed the story and I really want to thank adam gidwitz who came to Yoko Hama International school.

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