Drama Improvisation


This is the video I chose and I think it’s the best.


In criteria A I think I’ll get 6 out of 8, in criteria B I think I will get 7 out of 10, in criteria C I think I will get 7 out of 8 and in criteria D I will get 6 out of 8.

How did I use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?(for each game)

The first game was the statue game and in this game we had to have a person who’s moving the other people into a shape and when the person who moved the people into shape say “lights camera action” the person who got move in shape had to say something or act out something that fits in to your shape. This game was hard for me to improve because you don’t know witch shape your going to be in and we also have to offer and except because if you stop excepting peoples ideas the story will be weird and silly.

The next game was die story die. In this game you  have a person who says the tittle of the story and their is 3 people who had to say the story and every time the person who says the tittle have to point at a person and make the person say the story and when the person who points point at a another person, they have to continue the story and when people get stuck or say the same thing twice they dramatically dies and the last person standing is the winner  . It was hard for me to improve in this game because you have to have a lot of concentration and listening skills because if you don’t concentrate and listen you will not know what the other person is talking about and when the person points at you, you will not know what to say.

The next game was a game you had to have 2 people sitting on something and 2 people putting hands under the shoulder and the people who has the hand under peoples shoulder has to move the hands while the 2 people who’s sitting is talking. This game was hard for me because sometime you have to use the action that the other persons hand do and the other person have to listen to the person talking and except the idea and do the right hand action like when the person who’s talking say you, you can to point at the other person who’s talking.

In what ways could I improve my performance?

I could have improved on my performance by excepting ideas because sometimes I don’t except ideas and the scene doesn’t go smoothly. I should have also improved on my improvisation skill because I have to think for a long time before saying something.

How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

I could use this skills in the game in performance by using offer and excepting skills and in a improvisation performance I could think quicker and be better at choosing the right word to say when people offer ideas.


Plan Reflection

Before we made our blog, we made 3 designs for our own blog. I tried to make 3 different kind of design so that I can choose the best one out of it. I chose the simplest design so that it will be easy to turn this design into the blog theme.

After we designed our own blog, we chose a theme and My theme was Noteworthy. This theme was good because it had a lot of places to write my passion that represents me. My design was eye catchy because it had a lot of colors. This is important because if your text is great but your blog is not eye catchy, it will be hard for the readers to start to read.



I think I can grow my blog by always posting new things and updating my blog. I think this is important because the more you spend the time with your blog, the blog gets much more better.

I want to know a lot of skills so that I can upgrade my blog. I would also try to use the skills uniquely and different from the others. 

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