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Hi Guys, In our tech class we’ve been working on designing our blog and making it look better. So in this post I would want to write a reflection about how my blog looks like now.

This how my blog looks like now.  I’m  happy how my blog looks like because my blog looks so much better now than the first week I started my blog. I think it looks better because I added widgets and I’ve changed my theme so that it looks better and it is easier to find my post. I added my AWESOME menu bar that helps the readers to go to categories. I also learned how to put a back round image and I chose a soccer ball  because my PASSION is SOCCER and it represent me.

I should improve on putting more post because if I post in this pace, I would not reach my goal to put 60 post at the end of 6th grade. I could try to do that by reminding  every saturday I will do my post by using calendar (gmail calendar). I would also want to finish my heather tittle.

My strongest point in my blog is the organization part because I try to make my  blog easy to find my post for each subject and I chose my theme now because it was easy for the readers to look at my categories our post.

I will try to improve or upgrade my blog every month so that it want be boring for the readers to read my blog. Tech class is awesome.





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