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Hola readers!!! This week I did a homework called tutorial research and I watched 3 videos and I would want to share you guys my favorite tutorial video.

I thought this was the best tutorial video because He was explaining and, acting. This made it easier for me because it helped me put the image in my head so that when I play soccer I can remember the action he did and the word he explained.He also explained and act by step by step. This made it easier for me to understand because if you explained step by step it becomes simple.The last reason why I thought this video was the best tutorial video is because he putted word in the video so while he’s saying something you can read the word on the screen. This makes it easier for me to understand because sometimes the word he says is not that clear so I can read the word on the screen.

From this video I learned Knuckleball is a type of shot that makes the ball drop really fast and moves around randomly.I learned it’s easier to kick knuckle ball shot with a cliff because cliff can stop your Pivot foot from moving.I learned if you kick the soccer ball right in the middle than I can shoot a knuckleball shoot.

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  1. I learned how to do a free kick in soccer by listening to which part in your leg to use when kicking and by watching. He made a intro that made his video look very professional. Something I feel that he could improve on was the background noise. When he was talking, I could hear that the wind was blowing on the microphone which made it hard to hear.

  2. Hi James,
    Great job on your tutorial it is really good because you put what you liked about the video and what you learned and think that is really good.

  3. HI James, to start off, I pretty much don’t know what the heck a knuckle ball is and after I watched this video I learned that a knuckleball shot is when the ball drops and goes in the goal (if you score) I also learned about glider balls, which I really don’t know the difference between a normal soccer ball and the one he showed, a glider ball.I also learned that when you shoot a knuckle ball, you take 5-7 steps back and 2-3 steps left, (I think it was left) and I also learned that a knuckleball shot is a free kick shot, as it will be hard to shoot a knuckle ball when your running, please tell me when you can do it as I wan’t to see it LIVE!!!

  4. Hi James,

    I learned how to do a knuckle ball like Ronaldo. I think what affected the tutorial is that the wind effected him from talking clearly. The clips of where they did a knuckle ball were very good. He did explain the how to curve the ball and secret tips of how to make the ball where lethal. The camera was bobbing about and kind of wobbly. He was very good at explaining step by step. I think why you never understood James is because he speaks in a different accent :P. Btw I sub to freekickers

  5. Hey James,
    Great tutorial you chose. I hop[e you can do that cool kick someday.
    From this tutorial I learned how to pick the right type of ball to use for this trick. I also learned that a knuckleball is a kick which will confuse the goal keeper and get you a goal.

    Some good things he did to make things easier was that he would put small tips for you to see as he was explaining what to do. This is useful because if we had trouble doping that step, we could look at the tip and try it using the tip too. After explaining something, he would show you how it looked like and show a slowed down version of it. This is great because I can easily see how and what he is doing the step. He also started of the video by showing what a knuckleball looks like. This is useful because I can know what I am about to learn if I don’t know that word. The music kept me very entertained. This was great because it wouldn’t make me bored.

    I liked your reflection!

    This tutorial had some things he could improve on. The first one I noticed was that he was talking in the video with the wind. This is unfortunate for me because I cannot clearly understand what he is saying. I feel he could improve this by voicing over the video. Next, he could of put the tips in another colour because the words wasn’t contrasted with the background. This wasn’t good because we couldn’t read most of the text. The music would sometimes be a bit too loud. This is not useful because I cannot hear most of the things he was saying.

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