Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hi readers. We’ve been working on planning to be started on the tutorial we’re going to make soon. We’ve finished making our story board. In the story board we put our ideas about the tutorial and draw how we want the tutorial to look like. I use my creativity in this work because I need to think how the tutorial is going to look like. Also we’ve finish planning on almost every single things we’ll have to do when we’re making the tutorial on a document so that will be easy to be organize. In this project It is really important to get organize so I learned how to organize something on the computer. In this blog post I want to do a reflection of tutorial plan.

I think my plan meets the class criteria which is showing the tutorial step by step. This is important for the readers because it makes it easier for the readers to understand the tutorial and makes it easier for the readers to follow the tutorial. I also used specific steps.

I used simple words so that It makes it easier for the readers to hear the important key words. using simple also helps people who can’t speak english.

I also used sub tittles. Sub tittle helps the viewers to know specifically what I’m going to teach next. It’s like giving the viewers hint what I’m going to teach.

I used creativity on my story board. For example putting a lot of effects. I also want to use slow motion and fast forward  to show the ball spinning. This is creative too.

I think the viewers will learn how to do a curve ball easily by watching my tutorial. I think this will happen because I give good points. Such as “try to kick the side of the ball so that it spins the ball”. This has a step and also teaches why you should do it. This is really specific step and I think It’s really good. Also At the end I would show my finish product which is my curve ball shot.

We basically learned a lot of skills to make a good video. I would want to learn about cool things you can do on iMovie such as special affects. If I learn more cool things on the iMovie It’ll be possible to show a lot of details in the tutorial or make it interesting for the viewers to watch the tutorial. I can show more details in my tutorial by putting in slow motion and show where you kick and show when the ball is spinning. I can make it fun for the viewers to watch my tutorial by putting in cool music I could make in garage band so I want to learn how to use garage band.


This is my story board.

This is my Tutorial Plan

This is my script


I’m having a great time trying to do new things on the computer such as using high skills on the iMovie. I’ve used a lot of creative on making my story board and It was really fun for me because I like being creative. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and look forward for my next blog Post XD.




Drama Speech Practice Reflection

Hi readers. In Drama we’ve been working on speeches. In class last week we did a speech about our passion. I talked about soccer which is my passion I really like to play or watch. The video below is a speech I did about soccer.

6A Drama Practice Speech11 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

My pitch was really good. For example when I ask question to the audience I asked In a low pitch but when I answered the question my modulation became higher. This makes the speech better. My pace was not too fast but, I paused a lot. Pausing can make the audience think the speech is not really professional. I should have practiced on memorising the script or, I could have skipped the part I couldn’t remember. My projection was really good. I pushed my voice out from my stomach so that all of the audience could hear my speech. Also I didn’t project too much so I was proud of my self about the projection.

My posture was good because I bended my legs so that I don’t get tighten. I didn’t move my leg too much because moving the leg makes the audience think that you are stressed and it’s not a really god influence to the audience. My gesture was not good at all. I didn’t use any gesture. This was probably because I was nervous and didn’t think about the gesture and concentrated a lot on my speech. In class i’ve learned that gesture helps the audience remember a lot of things so for the next speech I want to use a lot of gesture. My facial expression changed a lot. For example when I was talking something happy or interesting I  changed my facial expression to a happy or interested face. This makes the audience interested on what I talk about and think I’m really passioned or get convinced on something. I think facial expression is really important.

My structure was really good because the speech went really smoothly until I paused for a few second  because I could tell the beginning of the speech, the body of the speech and the conclusion. But maybe I should have added more words inside the conclusion on how much I love soccer. My speech was really organised. I had  a lot of information about soccer. Like history of soccer, how soccer officially started, about leagues and how much I love soccer.


My best skill was the projection because my projection made the audience think I was confident about the speech.

I should have improved on the gestures because gestures is really important and I didn’t put any gesture in the speech.




Why do we tell Myth?

Hi readers!!! We’ve been working in class about Myth and learned why do we tell myth. We’ve learned a lot in the class so in this blog post, I would want to tell you guys what Myth is.

Myth is a story that people tell each other to learn lessons, religions, disasters and ways of life. A lot of times, the person who makes myths was the person who was the leader of a group or the king and Myths was often used to teach lessons. For example there is a story called Freya and the Dwarf/Goblins. It’s about a god named Freya which was the god of seasons and weathers. She thought she was soo pretty but but she wanted to be more pretty and beautiful  so she wanted to have jewerly so she went to the midgard where us human lives. She found goblins in the cave.  In the cave she saw the prettiest jewelry in the world that Dwarf/Goblins made so she wanted it. She asked the Dwarf/Goblins ” can I have the jewelry “. The Dwarf/Goblins answered “if you kissed all of us.” Freya wanted the jewelry so much that she kissed the Dwarf/Goblins and got the jewelry and went back to the Asgard. Her husband found out that she kissed the Dwarf/Goblins which was the enemy of Asgard and her husband got mad. This story is longer but I just wanted to point out that this has a lesson. The lesson was not to be selfish because she was selfish and kissed the Dwarf/Goblins and the Dwarf/Goblins were the enemy of Asgard.

After researching about this story I noticed that Myths is a really good way to convince people to not do something that you don’t want them to do. I also noticed the power of the gods and the strong religion about them. Myths are really interesting and creative so I really enjoyed researching about them.

Why do you think about Myth?


3 Goals for the future (James)

Hi guys and today I want to do a blog post about my goals in the future. I chose this goals with my mum and dad so credit to them!

  • Black Belt in karate. I want to achieve this goal before september because in June their is a karate test. This goal is achievable because I have brown belt and my next belt is the black belt.
  • Do 二人のヴァイオリン in violin. I want to achieve this goal because my mum want to listen me and my teacher playing this. I want to achieve this goal before september because their is a violin concert around that time.
  • Become the striker in soccer. I want to achieve this goal because I love soccer (and I mean it). I would want to achieve this goal before April because there is a important league.


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