Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hi readers. We’ve been working on planning to be started on the tutorial we’re going to make soon. We’ve finished making our story board. In the story board we put our ideas about the tutorial and draw how we want the tutorial to look like. I use my creativity in this work because I need to think how the tutorial is going to look like. Also we’ve finish planning on almost every single things we’ll have to do when we’re making the tutorial on a document so that will be easy to be organize. In this project It is really important to get organize so I learned how to organize something on the computer. In this blog post I want to do a reflection of tutorial plan.

I think my plan meets the class criteria which is showing the tutorial step by step. This is important for the readers because it makes it easier for the readers to understand the tutorial and makes it easier for the readers to follow the tutorial. I also used specific steps.

I used simple words so that It makes it easier for the readers to hear the important key words. using simple also helps people who can’t speak english.

I also used sub tittles. Sub tittle helps the viewers to know specifically what I’m going to teach next. It’s like giving the viewers hint what I’m going to teach.

I used creativity on my story board. For example putting a lot of effects. I also want to use slow motion and fast forward  to show the ball spinning. This is creative too.

I think the viewers will learn how to do a curve ball easily by watching my tutorial. I think this will happen because I give good points. Such as “try to kick the side of the ball so that it spins the ball”. This has a step and also teaches why you should do it. This is really specific step and I think It’s really good. Also At the end I would show my finish product which is my curve ball shot.

We basically learned a lot of skills to make a good video. I would want to learn about cool things you can do on iMovie such as special affects. If I learn more cool things on the iMovie It’ll be possible to show a lot of details in the tutorial or make it interesting for the viewers to watch the tutorial. I can show more details in my tutorial by putting in slow motion and show where you kick and show when the ball is spinning. I can make it fun for the viewers to watch my tutorial by putting in cool music I could make in garage band so I want to learn how to use garage band.


This is my story board.

This is my Tutorial Plan

This is my script


I’m having a great time trying to do new things on the computer such as using high skills on the iMovie. I’ve used a lot of creative on making my story board and It was really fun for me because I like being creative. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and look forward for my next blog Post XD.




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  1. Great job James! It so wonderful to hear that you’re learning so many new skills on the computer and that you’ve been using your creativity in this assignment. I love the ways that you’re planning to use effects in your finished tutorial – they demonstrate a deep understanding of the purpose of effects (you’re not just using them “because you can” – you’re using them because they help the viewer understand what you’re trying to teach). Well done!

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