Drama Reflection of Speech

Last week we did a drama speech about an important person in our lives. I chose Taiga, which is my brother. I would want to write a reflection.

Criteria A: My volume was really good because it wasn’t too quiet, too loud. This helps the audiences to understand what I’m saying.

In my pitch I think I did good because I was using the right pitch for almost all of the words. For example when I was asking a question my pitch was low. This was good because this is the right way to use your pitch.

My pace was bad. It was bad because I stopped a lot. I think I stopped a lot because I didn’t practice much. I could  improve this by skipping some parts that I can’t remember. I was trying to say all of the parts in the speech so It was really hard for me.

Criteria B: My posture was really good in this speech. I think it was really good because I didn’t move too much. I was also bending my knees so it was easy for me to relax and talk. I practiced the posture at home so I think that is one of the reasons why I was good at it.

My facial expression was not too bad because I used some of the facial expression in the speech for example, my facial expression when I’m talking about intreating things. But I didn’t use that skill so much. I could have improved this by looking at the mirror at home and practice my speech.

My gesture was really bad in this speech. I think it was bad because I didn’t use them at all. Also I some times used them but it was the wrong gesture for the word.

Criteria C: My structure was good in this speech. I think it was good because the parts in the speech were correctly separated into introduction, body and, conclusion. This helped the reader understand the speech and not become confuse.

My information was detailed and interesting. It was detailed and interesting because It had a lot of facts  that Taiga is my important person.

Overall the speech was a little challenging for me but it was still fun. For the next speech I should I would nee to practice my speech more.





My Tutorial And Reflection

Hey, in this blog post I would want to show how to do a curveball in soccer. Curveball is a really important skill in soccer because you can confuse the keeper. I hope you enjoy this video and learn how to do the curveball.

In this blog post I want to write a reflection about my tutorial.


In my tutorial my filming was bad. It was because I record my tutorial in portrait. This makes it harder for the readers to see the video because the video is too small. Next time I film I would record it in landscape. I also filmed when It was raining so I should have filmed the video when the weather was good. Also I should have used the voice over because some people said “the tutorial was hard to hear. Lastly I noticed that the video was a little bit shaking. The connection to these mistakes was Davids tutorial. It was because his camera was shaking and he took the video when it was windy. I have the same advice I gave to myself but I think he should have used the voice over.

My tutorial had a really simple steps. I think my tutorial had a really simple steps because, all of the tutorial was not too hard to follow. The connection I had for the simple step is Akhils’ tutorial. He had a lot of simple steps for example pick a soft place to do the worm. This is a extremely easy step.


My thinking got extended during making the tutorial. It’s because of Ms cofinos’ advice. The advice she gave me is to use the same tittle font. This helped my tutorial a lot because it made it easier for the readers to understand the words I wrote in the tittle because it was simple. My thinking also got pushed because I always imagine in my head Ms Cofino saying what makes you say that? This expands my thinking a lot especially in the reflection because it makes it easier for me to write more detail. I’m using this skill in this reflection helps me a lot. Lastly a lot of people gave me good ideas on how to make my tutorial better. I think this extended my thought too. I learned that asking a lot of people for ideas helps to extend my ideas.

I also saw a a lot of peoples’ blog and from looking at these peoples’ blog my thinking became extended.

Kenryos’ tutorial (how to make a a milk shake): I really liked his blog because he had a really funny part. (When you put in 4-6 table spoon of honey inside the strawberry shake.) I liked how you showed the steps step by step which made it easier for me to understand the steps. He showed the finish product (The strawberry milk shake) first to the viewers so that it makes the viewers want to see your tutorial. The camera angle was extremely good for example in the part you showed your tutorial. The part that I was most impressed was when you showed a lot of tips in your video. Which gives the viewers a lot more easier to follow the steps in the video.

Akhils’ tutorial (how to do the warm): His tutorial was really good. I liked the position of the camera angle For example when you showed the finish product. This helped the viewers to see when he did the worm. I also liked when you had detailed steps. This helped me to understand how to do a worm. I like when you had a clear voice. This helped me to understand the tutorial.




It was challenging for me to do a lot of things in this project especially on creating my tutorial. One of the challenge I had is to schedule my self to record and edit my tutorial. This was hard because I had to find a time that I’m free to record my tutorial. I also had to find where to record so it was really hard for me to schedule my self. Because of this I want to learn to schedule my self in a lot of ways so that I can find the best way to schedule my self.

It was challenging for me to edit my tutorial. For example editing my tittle. The trouble I had was that I had a lot of different fonts. This was bad because it makes it hard for the viewers to see the words in the tittle and It looks weird because the font always changes. To solve this problem I chose a font that suits my tutorial the best. It was a bright yellow and orange font. This suited my tutorial the best because my tutorial is a happy and bright tutorial. I would want to learn how to edit more and learn how to make my own tittle (if it’s possible).


I thought this was the tutorial that inspired me because he had the finish product was at the first and also the examples were really good. Also I liked how he was explaining the steps and doing the steps by himself. This made it easier for the viewers because it helped me put the image in my head so that when I play soccer I can remember the action he did and the word he explained.He also explained and act by step by step. This made it easier for me to understand because if you explained step by step it becomes simple.The last reason why I thought this video was the best tutorial video is because he putted word in the video so while he’s saying something you can read the word on the screen. This makes it easier for me to understand because sometimes the word he says is not that clear so I can read the word on the screen.

From this video I learned Knuckleball is a type of shot that makes the ball drop really fast and moves around randomly.I learned it’s easier to kick knuckle ball shot with a cliff because cliff can stop your Pivot foot from moving.I learned if you kick the soccer ball right in the middle than I can shoot a knuckleball shoot.

On the bottom I’m going to put an survey so please do the survey after you watched my video.

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