My Artist Statement


Last week we finished our project on doing a portrait. In this portrait we had to express about someone your drawing. For example you can express someones mood by using colours like yellow and green for the happy emotion, blue for sad emotion and red for angry emotions. Also We can tell what they like to do by drawing an object. For example if your drawing someone that likes football, you can draw a soccer ball.

In this blog post I want to write a reflection about my portrait. My portrait title is called the Akhils’ world. I call it Akhil’s world because it has almost all his information. For example as emotions, hobbies, which country he came from and more.

During this unit I was a little bit worried that I’m not going to finish the project so I started to go to studio in the last few weeks. This made a lot of progress and I was really glad of my self that I came to the studio because my portrait was much more detailed. Next time I have a unit like this I would try to go to the studio more so that I can make more progress. I also became better at blending colours. For example the blending of yellow to red. Also I learned how to do more brush stroke for example up and down stroke and right and left stroke.

I had a lot of challenges in this unit. A challenge I had was about the dark paint. In the last period of the art class before we had to finish the portrait, when I was trying to do a final touch to my portrait, the yellow paint was too dark. I’ve overcome this challenge by using this dark yellow in my portrait. Before I used this dark yellow, I was trying to use yellow to express the happy feeling Akhil have and, I wanted to use the red colour for the angry feeling of Akhil. But because of this dark yellow, I chose to make a happy feeling of Akhil by using pure yellow for happy feeling, dark yellow for calm and normal feeling and red for angry feeling. One more challenge I had was to blend the colours. For example blending yellow to red. This was really hard but I overcome this challenge by taking my time and blending it slowly. I was proud of my self to do this.

My positive points in this portrait is the objects I drew. For example the basketball I drew on his face. This show that he loves basketball. Also I wanted to express that he was always thinking about it so I drew it on his head . Also I drew a drum set. This showed that he likes to play the drum. For the colour of this drum I used the Colours he liked which is black and red. Also I drew the mount fuji and this mount fuji represent him because he likes the mount fuji and Akhil thinks this mountain is the coolest mountain in the world. Thats why I was trying to use a cool colour so I mixed blue and white. This combination made a really cool blue. 

My negative in this portrait is the background colour. It was because it was messy. For example the part where pure yellow turns into a dark yellow. I did it messy and it turned into a really bad background. I learned that it’s not good to rush in art. From next time I would try to go to the open studio more.

Thank you for reading this reflection and I’m so sorry that I wrote this reflection 1 week later the due date.




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