Drama Reflection

Today I want to write a reflection about the audio movie trailer. In this reflection I would want to write about what was the success and what needed improvement. Please enjoy!!

What was successful?

  • Voice over narration I think the voice over narration was a great success because the voice over made the audience feel excited about whats going to happen in the movie. Also how the narrator (Ryan Batty) talked made a really good voice for narration so I think his skill of narration was excellent. Ryan did a out standing narration by practicing a lot before we recorded his voice.


  • Action and sound effects: I think the action sound effects were excellent because our group chose a lot of good quality sound effects by using the internet. We tried a lot of sound effects for the same action so that we can pick┬áthe best sound effect for that action.


  • Music: I think we chose the excellent music for this movie because we took a lot of time choosing the music. The music we chose is a classical exciting music. I think this music made the audience think that the movie is enjoyable.

What needed improvement?

  • I think we didn’t have much things we have to improve but I have one big improvement which should have made. I think it was the character voices in dialogue grab because I think we needed more practice and effort on saying the dialogues more smoothly.


Over all I think we did great on our audio trailer project and I’m looking forward for my exciting new project were going to do in 7th grade!!!!




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