Should we Keep the iPad


I think we should not keep iPads if people are going to use it for social media or games. But iPad is a very powerful tool for learning too so if we use these iPads correctly, we can develop on learning. But, I don’t think people are not responsible for using these iPad. There is one more problem of having iPads. The problem is the E waste that is sent to different countries illegally. The E-waste is something that is electronic and can’t be used. Basically an electronic waste. These E wastes go to a lot of places secretly from a lot of countries for example Australia to Ghana. In our class we watched a video about a lot of electronic product going from Australia to Ghana and I want you guys to know about this problem so that before you guys throw away these iPads, you think twice where the waste is going go.

In these country people are trying to get some copper or gold in the electronic products. These two elements are really hard to get out from these electronics so people burn plastic to get these elements. The problem is that if you burn plastic, it becomes a toxic gas. Toxic gas is bad for your body and you can have a lung cancer and a lot of other organ cancers. This is the reason why electronics are not recycled in countries that have a lot of electronic waste. If these country recycled the electronic waste they will waste a lot of money and if they burn the electronics, it still costs a lot of money to burn these electronics and take care of the toxic gas. Also do you know why a lot of people want gold and copper? It’s because they want money. They only can earn less than a dollar every day by selling copper and gold. Money is a big problem of e waste and to prevent this from happening we could start sending these electronic products to the recycling centre.

Please vote for if we should have iPads or not in the comment.

Also the information I found is this.  E-Waste Hell.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 16 Oct. 2014.

Two Weeks with the Queen:Reflection

In English class we read a book called Two Weeks with the Queen and in this blog post I just want to share with you what I felt when I was reading and finished the book.

This book was very exciting because I didn’t know what is going to happen next in a lot of parts in this book. For example when Colin just broke into the queens castle and send her a letter. Also Colin suddenly said “I’m going to Amazon to find people who can cure cancer”.

This book is very emotive because I felt very happy and also very sad in a lot of parts in this book. The most emotive part is when Colin finally could spend time with Luke I was very happy but the book finished before Luke died so It made me think whats going to happen to Luke and also made me sad because probably Luke is going to die.

This book was tragic because suddenly Ted’s boyfriend died in the hospital and it was very unfortunate this happened. Also when I knew that Luke had a cancer and the cancer is in a very dangerous stage, It was very tragic.

What did you learn about perspective, Empathy relation ships and well being from the character?

In this book I’ve learned that there is a lot of different and interesting perspective from each person in this book. For example the perspective that Colin and…………………….. KFLlaflajgn

P.E. Assignment

1. Make a claim about the topic

Claim: An explanation of


I claim that drawing the defender can be used to best effect in this game. The reason why is because there is only 5 people in each team in basketball and if someone draw a defender, The situation will be 5v4 and this would be a better situation.

2. Identify support for your claim

Support: Examples, things you saw, felt, and know that support your claim.

In basketball I’ve drawn the defender to get my opponent lose mark and move to me so that I can create a big space and time for one of my teammate that does not have any mark on them because I’ve drawn the defender.


3. Ask a question related to your claim

Question: What’s left hanging? What isn’t explained? What new reasons does your claim raise?


Is it possible to draw more than 1 defender? If I could what kind of movement or technique would I have to use to draw more than 2 defenders?

















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