The food label blog post

Jan,Shea and I focused on making labels to prevent obesity and allergy reaction. We created many labels to show how much grams of fat,sugar and vitamin contained inside a package andIn addition, we created a label that warns people when there are too much calories inside a package/meal. By doing this, our group thought that people will be careful and know what is going inside their body and control how many calories people take every day. We also created and labels that warns people about food that can cause allergy. We created these labels because many people are allergic to some food and these people spend a lot of time looking at food labels to see if there are any food they are allergic too.These labels were easy to create because we did not need to use complex drawing or picture, which means that we did not have to edit  much compared to other labels. Oh tho the design was simple we were trying to make the label eye catching so that many people will look at the label. For the allergy labels, our group used real pictures of foods that could cause allergy reactions to make the label eye catching.

Not only did we created labels to prevent obesity. We also created labels that helps economic issues. I researched about many economic issues related to cigarettes and I found out that in many countries, more than 60-70% of money spent buying cigars becomes tax. Oh tho putting a lot of tax inside these cigarette packages could prevent people from buying many cigarettes, our group thought that the governments in many countries are using these cigarette to make a lot of money.  We thought that if we create a label that shows where the money that customers who buys some product goes to,  customers will think twice about buying the product. Thats why we made a label that shows 50% of the money spent buying this product will go to the charity. By doing this people will feel good about buying products that has these labels and know where the money these customers spent will go to.  Making these labels on photoshop was not hard, but  thinking creatively on making these new labels were challenging, but our advanced skill of thinking creativity helped us make new labels that no other people created before.

Our collaboration was very advanced and successful. I was doing the research, Shea was creating the labels and Jan,  creating  some labels and doing some research. We were advanced at communicating, using the google docs efficiently, working very hard in different sections. Oh tho we were very successful, I think everyone should have done some research and some of the creative work, because I was doing too much research, and she and Jan was doing too much creative work.

Next time we do these group works, I think we should have not divided into creative working group and research group, and everyone should have done some bits of the work so that doing these projects would more fun an also give us more experience on using photoshop or working in many different ways.

Fictional Characters: Why do we like them so much

Today was a “dress as your favorite character” spirit at Y.I.S. IN english, we looked at what it is about our favorite characters that makes us like them so much.

I’ve chosen Goku to examine. I like Goku because he is brave, just, has supernatural powers, loves eating, fights bad guys,very strong, does self scarifies to save peoples’ life and cares about others.

However, if an author just told us these things it would be pretty boring. Instead, they show us using characterization techniques (actions, appearance, speech, thoughts and interactions).

Goku is characterize as a caring person through his action and speech. Goku sacrifice him self to save human being and earth by stoping Seru exploding. In addition to that, when Goku was asked what wish he would want to accomplish. He replied “I don’t want to be the hero of earth. I just want to eat yummy food and save my family and humanity from bad guys.” His wish was not about him but about someone else. This shows how caring Goku is.

Also Goku characterize as a bonehead character. This is shown through his appearance. Goku always wears the same cloth everyday because, he does not know how to use the washing machine.

These examples shows how Goku is characterize as a bonehead and a caring person.

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